10 important Mozilla Firefox Extensions – Extensions Make Easy To Smooth Browsing

mozilla firefox extensions

10 important mozilla firefox extensions or extensions make easy to smooth browsing. firefox addons, firefox addon, plugins firefox, firefox app, firefox plugins, As an Internet browser, Mozilla Firefox is a very popular and widely used name. As an Internet browser, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are running very competitive. But it is necessary to say that 100% is not perfect! Mozilla Firefox is no exception! However, we can increase Firefox functionality by adding various addons and extensions to our work in Mozilla Firefox. Today I’ll talk about 10 important extensions of Mozilla Firefox. As always, I’m going straight to the tune of speech:


Clipmarks is a great Firefox extension. Many times, we have to copy text, images or video files from a website, but in many cases, the default is to copy the entire web page, it is time consuming as well as timely! To get rid of this situation you can use clipmarks! With clippers, you can clip any part of any web page and save it to your PC. Many web pages can not be copied for securities. Then this extension will be useful to you!

mozilla firefox extensions


DownThemAll is a Firefox built-in download manager. By which you can enjoy all download speed, schedules and batch download facilities for your Firefox.

mozilla firefox extensions


Xmarks is a bookmarked Firefox Firefox extension. Using this, you can sync all the bookmarks of Firefox on your PC and use it at the same time.

mozilla firefox extensions


FoxyTunes is a music extension that supports around 30 media players (including iTunes, MusicMatch ZuckBox, Windows Media Player). With this you can control the slider with the Artist, Track Information, Play Controlles directly from the Firefox browser!

mozilla firefox extensions

Gmail Manager

Gmail Manager is a great email tool! If you have used multiple Gmail accounts, this Firefox extension is for you! This extension will present the new incoming emails of your multiple Gmail account to you in a status bar with pop-up notifications! Using multiple Gmail IDs in multiple tabs can be used to get rid of it!

mozilla firefox extensions


By using Googlepedia you will find Wikipedia article links or links in conjunction with the content of the search every time Google searches you! This Firefox extension will be useful for those who charge on the internet!

mozilla firefox extensions



Greasemonkey is a customization extension. By using it you can control and modify the look and functionality of Firefox’s web pages. Grammanki performs all these functions using the different JavaScript scripts. There are hundreds of free scripts in the economy, which means many of the customization levels!

mozilla firefox extensions

Reload Every

Reload Every is a page refresh national extension. Using this, you can automatically refresh all open tabs / tabs in your Firefox. Refresh time can be from seconds to minutes. For those who follow different super-active forums, this extension is very suitable and workable for them.

mozilla firefox extensions

Session Manager

Session Manager is an excellent and quite functional extension. By using this session manager, you will be updating your layout with all the open tabs and web addresses in Firefox for the next use! This extension is very useful for frequent loadsheading and portable work.

mozilla firefox extensions

Tree Style Tab

Through the name of Tree Style Tab, you understand what its work is! Using the Tree Style tab extension, you can style your Firefox tabs like trees! You can test this extension once you want Firefox to look at an exceptional look! Hope you like these extensions. This is today! Everyone will be good!

mozilla firefox extensions

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