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10 tips to maintain healthy smartphone, smartphone tips, smartphone, best battery smartphone, cell phone batteries, phone battery, cell phone batteries I just can not see your health! Hold the phone in the sun, keep an eye on the health of his body. Wishing to increase the life span of the phone, and you will save taka.

10 Tips to Maintain Healthy Smartphone

1) The first thing to keep in mind, as if the phone from 3 GB of memory is always empty. If you do not call this free-space will hang, game will be a problem.

Ii) reducing the brightness in low light, hold the phone or to keep the auto mode. This will save battery. Auto brightness adjust brightness and turning the lights will own the phone.

3) Keep off the net for a long time without a head. In the background, as it will reduce unnecessary data loss, as well as save battery.

4) Charge the phone immediately dropped to 0 percent of the charges set on the floor, off the net. Without the charge, net of emergency as soon as the bottom 40 percent should be. This is very bad for the health of the phones using the phone.

5) battery saver app download is not in fact very few gains. If the battery charge is low-saver apps and other background apps off of the phone, but quite a bit as well as the charge itself is damaged.

6) Many of Facebook or hoyatsaayapa is open all day. Because lately, it is not only the story, many work-related information is communicated via this app. Apps with the rest of the day without two or three apps are not open to such a significant good idea. The battery is porei, much RAM is enegejda.

7) battery saver app cache cleaning app even more urgent. There are a number of Android applications, at least once a day to download the cache should be clean. “Klinamastara ‘best.

8) In order to prevent virus attacks smartphones would be a security app. There are many apps as Android and iPhone. There are many paid apps. However, CM Security Free app for Android is pretty good.

9) on the phone to download a lot of games and apps that would not keep the phone memory. Keep the big apps expandable micro SD card storage. Some smartphone whatsApp and similar social media apps to the SD card can not be kept. The images, videos, games, etc. To run the SD card, internal memory storage that is always empty from 3 GB.

10) If you play too much on the phone, using social media app is too soft restart once a week.


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