Top 12 Bollywood Indecent Actress – Tensive Beautiful Actress

bollywood indecent actress

Top 12 bollywood indecent actress or tensive beautiful actress. These beautiful actresses from different parts of the country came up with two eyes filled with dreams of Bollywood heroine. But that did not happen. Bollywood makes the chance but for B grade movie. Today we are discussing Silk Smita, Charlene Chopra, Songita Tiwari, Monalisa, Mammotha, Jasmine, Veena Malik, etc. all are popular Bollywood actress. Instead, they become Big Bollywood’s dark blue light with the blue face.

Top 12 Bollywood Indecent Actress

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12) Sapna

bollywood indecent actress

The makers of the producer-director turned around for the opportunity in Bollywood. But nobody gave the opportunity. Everyone used to say that you are good to see but the audience will not accept you. At that time, 19-year-old cute Swapna was seen by Unka director Kanti Shah. Kanti could not get the name of the film in the film world. Seeing Swapna, Kanti said, I will make you star. Everyone knows the rest. After one B grade Adult movie. Every hit There was a lot of money to make movies of the million dollar budget. A part of the whole country saw the nose staccato, the soft-colored scenes of the films they made. But Swapna’s dream racing did not stop there. Dream day came to the house day, the rickshaw, and dream guy became a dream girl of low-level people. If you had a two-ticket ticket, then you were reading the City after seeing the naked dress. Sapna is now saying that I cannot be Bollywood’s heroine, but the love for those who have received love is very big.

Sapna B Grade Movie:

11) Reshma

bollywood indecent actress

The beautiful woman in the south came to Bollywood in the heroine. But he was returned to his home in the jail after being caught in the physical body. And in the state of Soft indecent, he went back to his kingdom. Viewers of the whole country jumped to see the beautiful silk. They do not have any stories in the picture. There is no dialogue. There is only Reshma’s body show, Shitakar, and adulation ruffle. With the help of Reshma earning a lot of money.

Reshma B Grade Movie:

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10)  Shakeela

bollywood indecent actress

The girl from South India  Shakeela came in the movie world with ripples and face of the face. But there were not enough opportunities for the producers-managers to get there in bed. So Shakeela will go to Adult film. For the Southern Adult film to mean soft-drinkers, producers demanded Shakilah to increase the weight. Because of many more needs in women’s adult films due to weight. Shakeela of 52 kgs then weighed up with 72 kilograms of weight, and after one successor, Saphat Parn was starring in the movie. Of course, there is nothing to do in this film, only eyes and adulation games are there. That is the name of all the movies, is only indecent.

Shakeela B Grade Movie:

9) Payel Rahotogi

bollywood indecent actress

Modeling came to be a Bollywood heroine. But instead of becoming a B grade accent. Peel’s film career is full of nudity The name of his movie-one he is Mara Kaya Hoga, consciousness-the excitement, repentance… It is a repentance of true repentance. In the movie Valentine’s Night in 2012, director Kumar Badel told him that he saw him lying naked several times. Debark or Bandyopadhyay and Pavel Rohatgi: This is not a story of the leaked video. Actress Payel Rohatgi, who was directly accused of Bollywood filmmaker Debakar Bandyopadhyay, filed a complaint directly to Bollywood. When he went to Payel Dibakar for a role in ‘Shanghai’, the director offered him a bed-rack. In exchange for that, he can work in the film.

 Payel Rohatgi B Grade Movie:

8) Veena Malik

bollywood indecent actress

Big sit and respond to Pakistan. Bollywood actress will be very interested. But instead of Adult Actress. Veena Malik said that she was unwilling to be naked to be famous. Initially, with the acting in Pakistan, the league of cricket betting came to India. There was a lot of controversy about staying in Bollywood. Indecent paused to be named in India. But the songs of the country and the neighboring countries want to be global this time. America’s magazine ‘Playboy’ is the medium of dreams of any of the models. Veena said that she would be indecent in the US magazine, she agreed to be naked.

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Nargis Satyam (Bengali filmmaker), who was in the indecent genre of southern India, needed some bold scenes for the film. Veena Malik, who came from Pakistan with a lot of remuneration on the demand of the director, is open to all open-ended scenes. This movie, which was made of imitation of the Dirty Picture, also hits quite a bit. But before the movie, he told the director that he was indecent. He came from Pakistan and got land in Bollywood. In Pakistan, modeling, making a name from Anchoring, Veena played several B-grade films in Bollywood. Before leaving India, she went to her country before going to Pakistan, she could stay for four to five years in Bollywood for heating the bed of many producers.

Veena Malik B Grade Movie:

7) Swati Naidu

bollywood indecent actress

YouTube is very popular on soft screen. Acting in the totally indecent movie and short films. Swati claim that he did not get a chance in Bollywood was in the film for the promotion of indecent.

Swati Naidu Short Film:


6) Jasmine

bollywood indecent actress

Many people started saying that when Veerana Jasmin got a chance in Bollywood’s first film, she would be able to outrun many heroines. Before acting in the B-grade film, nobody had got much publicity before. But till the end, Jasmin was not seen to perform any other day. He is said to have gone abroad. but why? It is heard that Jasmine received a lot of phone from Underworld.

Jasmin  B Grade Movie:

5) Mammotha

bollywood indecent actress

The girl from Telangana is popular for soft drinks on YouTube. In the world of Mahesh Bharat and Mahesh Manjarka, the director of the movie was not able to get an opportunity to audition in the film Abazha blue film world.

Mammotha B Grade Movie:


4) Monalisa

bollywood indecent actress

Kolkata girl Antara Biswas walked in hopes of making a movie in Bollywood. But just after acting in Bridge, you can understand the names of the Mona Lisa’s name. So Mona Llaya started acting in Bhojpuri movie. But there are even more scars of adulation. Mona Lisa dropped to all cinematic body and body.

Monalisa B Grade Movie:

3) Songita Tiwari

bollywood indecent actress

I want to act like Amir Khan. But do not get the chance. She gets chance for B grade accent.

B Grade Movie:


2) Charlene Chopra

bollywood indecent actress

Adult in all the five movies that are made in Leaves. Which is the first Indian woman to come to the page of the Playboy Magazine page? Kama Sutra girl confessed to having adulation in exchange for money.

B Grade Movie:


1) Silk Smita

bollywood indecent actress

The lack of study was stopped Show the body in the photo for the provision of food Got popularity, did not get it The solution was not solved Silk Smita means that Darty Pictures is banned from viewers His latest 57th birthday was the disgusting soft drink in the language of the intellectuals In her in-laws, husband and others could not tolerate inhuman torture Did not know that you can not get home Chennai went away Being a relative of a relative. It is a refuge But wants to earn. | Was very interested in cosmetics As a junior make-up artist, I got the job Do not stay behind the camera for a long time The eyes of the eyes, the slip-faced girl came to the front of the camera First small roll | One day, Binu Chakraborty fell into the eye He changed the name of the girl, Smita His wife Vijaylaksmi alias Smita was taught English Dance training as well But the tendency of smita is to the role of the villain There will be a large space alongside acting where the body split As a result, she became typic of b grade movie Apille.

B Grade Movie: