14 February Valentine’s Day

valentine's day

Today, 14 february Valentine’s Day. Like many countries around the world in our country has been playing great day millions of English. We Bengalis festival favoriteThe tragic thing is that you forget your own culture and tradition has always been to give themselves a little too much imitation of the western world, we are interested in. The biggest reason we too imitate favorite.

valentine's day

However, also as part of the culture and the culture of others is not my intention to criticize and find fault multiplying. I told you at the beginning of the definition of modernity is no filth. Valentine’s Day love will show an estimation of the relationship, there is no obstacle to criticism. But if love is the expression of questionable (?) If you wait, you have a little talk. This feature of Valentine’s Day for you. Know yourself and others, and the necessary precautions to ensure a healthy society is a useful feature that may turn.

Valentine’s Day stories

Valentine’s Day or Saint Valentine’s Day (English: Valentine’s Day) (briefly known as Valentine’s Day is an annual feast day is celebrated on 14th February originated in the days of love and affection of his loved ones flowers, letters, cards, jewelery etc. and celebrate the holiday gift-giving is.

In the city of Rome in 269, a Christian priest and a doctor was called St. Valentine’s. The Roman emperor accused of preaching-kradiyasa captured him. Because the Roman Empire, Christianity was prohibited. A prison guard, he heals the blind daughter of treatment. St. Valentine’s jealous of the popularity of the king to death. The day was February 14th. Then, in 496, Pope St. Julius Valentine’s jelasiuo the 1st of February to commemorate the 14th Valentine ‘Day was declared. St. Christian monk in the world, and for the actions of such a day is a remembrance of the children. For example, April 23 – St. Judge Day, 11 November – St. Martin’s Day, 4 August – St. Bartholomijama Day, 1 November – Al Day, 30 November – St. Andrew’s Day, March 17 – St. Payatrika Day. In western birthday, always the main consumption. Inside the church is failing because they are not drinking. This Valentine’s Day spirit was destroyed in 1776 AD by the French government banned Valentine’s festival. Once in England, the festival’s administrative-way piuritanarao Day celebration to refrain from banned. In addition, Austria, Hungary and Germany were rejected at different times of the day. Today, in the West, the festival is celebrated widely. In the UK, about half of the total population of 100 million pounds to spend this Valentine’s Day cards, flowers, chocolates, greeting cards and other gift items to purchase, and approximately 2. 5 million greeting cards were exchanged.

Let the original context:

This means that love is the heart and soul of the beloved person. However, that love is the love 365 days. Despite a special day (14 February), the occasion was celebrated as a boyfriend-girlfriends love.Now, how’s Day, how to celebrate the real figure is therefore some

With the changing of the boys and girls sports. Valentine’s Day is the occasion with a lover long drive, going to a restaurant to eat, nothing to celebrate with flowers, cards normal to me. But so what? No. The real picture is different. I know the name of Valentine’s Day celebrations on that day and what is evil. 3. Explain the sordidness of view worthy of mention are:

To date the girl of hotel roomsvalentine's day

Now quite familiar with the term called age children hotel so far. Went to the hotel with a lover on Valentine’s Day on the occasion. Young! Do you believe in free-sekse? If you do not have to tell the child that he marries you to the hotel on what is the guarantee? If you break up with him tomorrow, then what will you do? Will love with another boy? In this way! What is left? Will destroy life? You have your mother’s dream to be a doctor-engineer-counsel? What would he dream? 10 months and 10 days pregnant mother that I have endured unbearable pain suffered by the brutal light of the world has shown you, Dad, that man’s own blood in order to have water, or are they still gave you the right to insult and humiliate society? Here we see, once again remember the faces of the parents. Do not be ashamed to betray their faith?

Valentine’s Day celebrations in the name of the drink to the rhythm of DJ Party had lost his own virginity bisarjanah DJ party on the occasion of Valentine’s Day was held. He brings all the party organizers to call their own businesses hired for the girl. High Society Girl Brings hire some. The national and international wine. The party is one of many special ticket Special ticket. The ticket price of about 0 to 50 thousand rupees. With the money to buy 50 thousand tickets were given special consideration. One of the benefits of the party at the end of the city’s high society girl to spend the night. High Society Girl garlara he did not call. Very careful !!

They are children of a decent family. No civilized educated



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