Cox Bazar Himchari Beach – Traveling to Cox Bazar Sea Beach

cox bazar himchari beach

Cox bazar himchari beach or traveling to cox bazar sea beach. Marine Drive is situated 18 km south of Cox’s Bazar. The main attraction here is the green hills and the other fountain. Another attraction on the way from Cox’s Bazar to Himchari, is the green mountain standing on the left side of the road and the continuous wave of the waters of the sea on the right. During the monsoon season, the water of the Himchari is more alive and alive. Cox Bazar Himchari Beach There is also a…

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Traveling to Coxbazar Kolatoli Beach – Coxbazar Laboni Beach

coxbazar kolatoli beach

Traveling to coxbazar kolatoli beach or coxbazar laboni beach. Due to being close to the district town, the cox’s bazar beach, kolatoli beach and Laboni beach are considered to be the main attraction for the tourists. Coxbazar Kolatoli Beach Laboni Beach The distance between these two points of the beach is just fifteen minutes. Shoppers can wait for the tourists. Except for the shiny market, which is located in Labani Point or labani beach and there are many restaurants in the beach, where you can enjoy a pleasant sunset while…

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Cox Bazar Beach Guide – Cox’s Bazar Brief Guide to Travel

cox bazar beach guide

Cox bazar beach guide or Cox’s bazar brief guide to travel. We know that the world’s longest continuous, natural sandy beach is located in Cox’s Bazar of Bangladesh. This beach is one hundred and twenty kilometers long, from Cox’s Bazar city to Badcomok. It is the largest tourist center of the country. Cox Bazar Beach Guide The horizon of the vast sandstone, the black rows of the Jawban, the festivals with the waves, boats and trawlers thrown on the beach, the sun coming out like a thornback from the back…

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