3 Bengalis Music Artist Attend to Stage Performance in United State

Stage Performance in United State

3 Bengalis music artist attend to stage performance in United State expatriate bengalis in the United States is going to take part in the show for the stage musician Partho Barua, Bappa Mazumder, a group of artists Elita Karim. One in five US states that this music group. Starting from Austin to Los Angeles at the end of the programs. This concert series is hosted by Bangladeshi artists on the festival is an online shop. Events will begin in Los Angeles on July 24. Then on July 30 in Florida, Atlanta, July 31, August 5 and August 7 in Austin, Houston expatriate Bengalis sing for the three artists and their teams.Stage Performance in United State

Bappa Majumdar of these arrangements, the music is always a pleasure and an honor to expatriates. From outside the country were well-acquainted with the country’s new-old song, Bengali, Bengali music heard on a regular basis-it is very surprising to me. “The tone of the artist Partha Barua, Bappa And when I play together on stage, I am very happy. If and when the overseas audience in front of us, then feel even more joy. “

Each event will be held with the various states in the United States NTV. NTV America on behalf of Abir Alamgir said, “This event will be different from other ayojanagulo.” The whole program will be recorded on video and the video sharing site YouTube, show the audience member can enjoy all of the country and abroad. The tour of the United States Elita Karim said, “The Bappa And lucky for me to be able to tour with Dar Perth.” He further said, they are flown to the United States in the early morning of July 23. 


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