How Does 5G Work – 5G Technology Working Process


5g technology or 5g, 5g mobile, 5g network, 5 g, 5g phones, 5g mobile phones, 5g internet, etc. When you call a cellphone using a cell phone or do a massage, then an elector magnetic wave from your cellphone hits your closet cellphone tower. The cellphone tower helps the signal reach your friend’s phone. Not just calling or text messaging, you also work in the same way when you send or receive any other data (such as photos, videos).

5G Technology Working Process

Generally, after the advent of new wireless technology, the use of Hi-Fi radio frequency is used to handle that technology properly. Currently, radio frequency up to 20 MHz is used to operate 4G technology. But in 5 wins, up to 6 GHz can be done by increasing the radio frequency. 5g technologyNew wireless technology is always the reason of using more radio frequencies because it provides the ability to transmit more bandwidth. But the problem is that increasing the radio frequency increases bandwidth speed but simultaneously decreases the range of radio signals. For this reason, many inputs and output antennas are used to boost the signal.

Not only the high bandwidth, this technology has been specially designed to connect a lot of disks together. Think about the Internet of Things, where every electronic device or electrical device in your home is connected together. 3G or 4G like 5g technology is not only limited to cell phones. 5G chips can be installed on your virtual reality headset and your computer will also have a chip, so the two devices can easily connect with each other using the same technology. 5G technology can be used in any device like WiFi, not just phones and cell phones, but for connecting the two devices.

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