After Lionel Messi The Best Footballer Kevin Bruyne, Admiration Pep Guardiola

best footballer

The world’s number two player called Kevin gave Pep Guardiola. He says,after lionel Messi the best footballer Kevin Bruyne the Bruina just Messi from behind, not from anyone.The new manager of Manchester City’s Belgian arms, saying, “As the world’s best player Messi could sit at a table apart. But if anyone can sit around the table kebhinai it. ”best footballer Against Bornamuthra Man City won 4-0 on Saturday. 15-minute free-kick to the left as well as the role of the three golei bruinera. Pep impressed by that. Messi, the Barcelona coach, he tells, as the bruyne now playing form, only to be thrown back to him in favor of Messi. ” I think Kevin is a very special player. He’s a warrior without the ball. Should I clean the ball on playing football. Great need to be done, everything I have, ” said Pep.

That being said, the artist who has appeared ipiele papaya for a revolution. The revolution is about to take an important role in the bruina. He was the first goal for Manchester City derby. Pep never showed so much emotion with Messi did not suspect anyone else. It says, ‘We are fortunate that, players like Kevin Pietersen’s got. We want to take care of him. ” Manchester United also stopped at the same time Guardiola. He said, ” We are still as many as ipiele played with the team, he was the best in the Bornamutha. ” What we need to remind you that, Morinahor game with Manchester United was Manchester City?


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