Women are Not Safe in America – American Women Not Safe in Own Country

american women

Women are not safe in America or American women not safe in own country. America can be proud of women emancipation and women’s independence. But here too often such incidents happen that can not be taken care of. In this country, women are being victim of Hensta. Experiencing death due to persecution Roads, subways, even in their own homes, women are 100 percent safe for all times, it can not be said in America.

Subway, known as New York City’s most comfortable and speedy nightmares, often gets nightmares for women. Some women have encountered some problems and bitter experiences, which are unimaginable.

Life in New York writes about his horrific experience in a woman El Tren. He wrote that at the age of 12, a man in this train made him a pornographic gesture. Last year, a person died in electricity on the line. Inside the bottle, a person with a color like urine can be seen in a terrible image.american women

On July 12 morning, the events of J. Train in Brooklyn. Police spokesman said that at around two o’clock in the evening, a 26-year-old woman at her 75th Street Eldrates Lane station closed her eyes and listening to music. He once felt a warm temper. He opened his eyes and saw a man urinating in his mouth. When the woman started screaming, the man went to the next station. The red shirt, the 5-foot-3-inch-long person wearing black pants, is still out of touch.

Women passengers in New York subway were attacked many times, especially in the deep night. The Daily News published from Niue in the MTA Metropolitan Transport Authority cited that 63 percent of respondents were victims of harassment at the subway. About 10 percent of them are victims of sexual abuse.

In fact, women are attacked differently in the whole of America. According to Femnist.com’s 2010 survey, 22 million women were raped. 18.3 percent of women are victims of sexual assault or sexual assault. 12.3 percent of respondents who were protected from sexual assault were less than 12 years old.

According to the US Bureau of Justice’s Bureau of Justice, according to the 2012 data, no one in America is victim of sexual abuse in every 92 seconds. According to the 2010 Justice Department information, one American woman is victim of rape or rape. An average of 1.2 million 70 thousand women are raped every year. 15 percent of them are 12 years of age or less.

American women, including family violence, are in various types of crisis. According to the Department of Justice, one-third of the women killed in America were killed by their intimate companions.


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