Asia Cup 2016 Held in Bangladesh

asia cup 2016

Asia cup 2016 held in Bangladesh, It was the third edition of the Asia Cup cricket tournament in Bangladesh. However, if India refused. India is not really in the Asia Cup. Twenty of the 2016 World Cup and Asia Cup is willing to host. For that reason, Bangladesh is going to host the Asia Cup for the third time in a row. Asian Cricket Council meeting in Singapore for the Asia Cup in Bangladesh is set to host.

However, wanted to host the tournament in the United Arab Emirates. Bangladesh has successfully hosted the 13th consecutive season, but the organizers decided to asarerao. However, this will be a different tournament format. Even before the tournament will be the three-match one-day tournament. And that will be held from February 24 to March 6 2016. So, considering all the 2016 host Asia Cup in India BCCI decides not to. As a result, the Bangladesh Cricket Board is responsible for organizing the competition. 2012 and 2014 of the Bangladesh in the Asia Cup was held successfully.Asia cup 2016 held in Bangladesh


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