Authority Decision to Facebook Close For 6 Hour Every Night

facebook close

Authority decision to facebook close for 6 hour every night.The government is planning to close Facebook for six hours at midnight. However, the final decision has not been made yet. In the meantime, the Department of the Ministry of Cabinet Division has sent a letter to the Department of Posts and Telecommunications.

Postal and telecommunication department asked the telecommunication sector regulatory body Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) for this opinion. After getting the opinion of BTRC, the final decision will be made to the cabinet division, said postal telecommunication secretary Shyam Sunder Sikder. Today Shyam Sunder Shikdar confirmed the matter and said, “The letter came from the Cabinet Division. We will give a final opinion about the BTRC’s opinion.

However, the secretary said, thus do not support posting and telecommunication divisions to keep Facebook shutting down. Meanwhile, the Secretary of the Department Sarwar Alam confirmed the matter of sending letters to BTRC’s opinion from the Department of Telecommunications.

BTRC chairman Shajahan Mahmud said at noon, “We received the letter.” We received the letter. Now sit on it. It will give us feedback by talking about various issues in the technical context. “He also said that since it is the rule of the Honorable Prime Minister, there is no chance of positive negative viewing in this topic. We will only review the technical aspect. ‘

It is known that last year the talk of Facebook was discussed at the Deputy Commissioner (DC) conference. There are discussions, due to the use of this medium of social communication in the night, the performance of students and youth is decreasing. Like drug, they are using the medium. That’s why the recommendation to stop Facebook in the night comes.

In view of the recommendation, the Cabinet Division has recently sent letters to the Telecommunications Division. In the letter, it has come to the notice of shutting down Facebook for six hours at night.

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