Bangladeshi 2 Million Mobile User Daily Use in Social Media

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Bangladeshi 2 million mobile user daily use in social media. social networking sites, the social network, social media sites, social sites, social media platforms, etc. social site such as Facebook, YouTube and WhatsApp regularly uses 2 million people. GSMA ( a global organization of mobile phone operators) said that 13 percent of the country’s population is now active in social site. The average rate of social media usage in the South Asian countries is 34 percent. Bangladesh is far behind than the neighbors in using social site.

2 Million Mobile User Daily Use in Social Media

In a study titled ‘The Mobile Economy Asia Pacific 2014’ published by GSMA, It says that the use of social site in India and Bangladesh is much less than the average positionsocial media of the region. The lack of language of its own language is the biggest reason for this lower percent  user. About  Bangladesh, it has been said that 25 percent of the most used mobile phone applications or apps in the country are made in Bangla. Many mobile phones users are not interested in using internet because the website created in their native language is very lower percent. GSMA thinks that the usage of the Internet in Bangladesh is not growing according to expectations.

According to the information and communication technology department of the government, currently about 2.33 million people are using Facebook in the country. Of all the social site in the country, 99 percent of them are Facebook 1.7 million people and 63 million women among Facebook users in Bangladesh.


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