Banglalink 3G Internet New Packages 2015

Banglalink 3G Internet New Packages 2015

Banglalink 3G Internet New Packages 2015

Find our reasonably package below.

Banglalink 3G packs

package namewho can buypackage price
volumevalidity daysactivation codedeactivation code
testerprepaid, call & control1 (tk)+ 15% VAT3 MB 1*5000*518#*5000*536#
starter prepaid, call & control2.5 (tk)+ 15% VAT5 MB 1*5000*513#*5000*536#
mini player prepaid, call & control15 (tk)+ 15% VAT40 MB 2*5000*502#
playerprepaid, call & control, postpaid30 (tk)+ 15% VAT75 MB 5*5000*501#
explorerprepaid, call & control75 (tk)+ 15% VAT175 MB 15*5000*517#
browserprepaid, call & control, postpaid99 (tk)+ 15% VAT250 MB 30*5000*503#
super browser prepaid, call & control, postpaid200 (tk)+ 15% VAT600 MB 30*5000*504#
cool rider prepaid, call & control, postpaid275 (tk)+ 15% VAT1 GB 30*5000*511#
smart surfer prepaid, call & control, postpaid350 (tk)+ 15% VAT2 GB 30*5000*506#
downloader prepaid, call & control, postpaid650 (tk)+ 15% VAT4 GB 30*5000*508#
crazy downloader prepaid, call & control, postpaid950 (tk)+ 15% VAT8 GB + FUP 30*5000*509#
mega downloader prepaid, call & control, postpaid1600 (tk)+ 15% VAT12 GB + FUP 30*5000*510#
all tariffs are limited time promotional offer.

3G pack balance check

  1. To check balance, pre-paid and call & control subscribers can dial *5000*500#
  2. To check balance, post-paid subscribers can type 3G and send sms to 121 or call 01911304111

Terms & conditions

  1. Above mentioned data packages’ tariff plan will be valid till further notice.
  2. Subscribers will be able to enjoy the maximum speed of 1mbps.
  3. The speed may vary subject to device compatibility, usage pattern and subscriber location, etc.
  4. Subscribers will be charged at tk 0.01/10 KB once the quota (volume) finish before pack expires.
  5. To find consumed quota (volume), prepaid and call & control subscribers need to dial *5000*500#
  6. To find consumed quota (volume), postpaid subscribers need to type 3G and send sms to 121 or call 01911304111
  7. Data packs will have auto-renewal.
  8. To check which pack the customer has subscribed to subscribers need to dial *5000*540#
  9. Subscribers need to be within 3G coverage areas to enjoy the 3G speed.
  10. 15% vat applicable.
  11. FUP will be applicable for crazy downloader and mega downloader data packs once the given volume limits are exceeded
  12. FUP speed will be 128kbps till the pack validity sustains and it’s totally free
  13. FUP is applicable for prepaid and cnc packages only not for postpaid
  14. To know more, dial 12156 (free)


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