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highest budget movie

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1) Bahubali (250 million)highest budget movie

Prabhas’s Bahubali has broken all records of Indian cinema. 250 crores of Indian Rupees was spent to make this picture. In it, Prabhas (dual role), Rana Duggbati, Tamanna Bhatia and Anushka Sharma.

2) Robot (150 million)

highest budget movieRobot’s budget was 150 crore rupees. It starred Rajinikanth and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. Explicit location, eye-splendid set, special graphics with costume. Robot took the money from Rajinikanth’s majesty

3) Bang Bang! (140 crores)highest budget movie

This photo was an official remake of the Bang Bang Hollywood film Knight and Day. Amazing Spiderman 2’s Stunt Director. But the box office did not disappoint Hrithik-Katrina

4) Ra 1 (135 crores)highest budget movie

Shahrukh’s dream project, released in 2011, was released in Diwali. Shah Rukh, who spent Rs 135 crores on his own as a superhero. He made this film for his own children or for the film. They have not seen too much kids except this picture. In the Diwali, Shah Rukh’s dream was to give a lump in the forearms.

5) Blue (126 million)

highest budget movieBlue only produces Kylei Minogue by spending money like water after filming the Chigee Wigi. But in the end, everything is lost in the unpleasant blue water of flop. The biggest flop in the year was Blue.

6) Dhoom 3 (125 million)bollywood highest budget movie

Dhoom 3 – Excellent all Chase sequences, Powerful bikes, World-class stunts and villains in the role, Double Rally Amir Khan. Keeping in touch with the cost, the box office also started the dhoti 3 of Jessraj Films. At the end of one week of release, the number of box office earnings from the country and various countries of the world has reached Rs 294 billion and 26 million rupees.

7) Kochadaiyan (125 million)

bollywood highest budget movieRajinikanth’s Kochadaiyan budget was 125 million India’s first motion capture 3D movie is going to be released internationally. The film will be released in Italian, Spanish and Japanese languages. There were also Deepika Padukone, Sarath Kumar, Jackie Shroff, Shobana, and Adi Piincetti.

bollywood highest budget movie

8) Kick (120 million)

Salman’s incredible stunt with huge budget One kick – this is what Salman said. One day the movie’s earnings is 26.4 million rupees.

9) Krrish 3 (115 million)

bollywood highest budget movieFather-in-law Rakesh Roshan went out all the time for the Cross-3 boy. This picture shows the face of success in the end. Vivek Oberoi fell on the face of all the hits. The character of Villen and the so-called big budget could not even draw a sleeping carrier.

10) Joy Ho (107 crores)bollywood high pay movie

Joy Hau has spent Rs 107 crores in the film. Big budget and two brothers – Sohail Khan and Salman Khan’s pair. Jai Ho could not win Most of the 107 crores went to the water. Aam Aadmi could not accept the brother in the role of the audience.

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