Venomous Snake Bite – Snakebite Problem and Its Solution

The venomous snake bite or snakebite problem and its solution. The threat of venomous snake bite is the life of many people in snakebite in Africa, snakebite in Asia, and snakebite in America. People in Asia, especially in rural areas, at risk of snake bites. Everyone will believe that the bite of snakes in the world is the most neglected public health problem. Venomous Snake Bite BD Situation   In many rural areas, many snakes bites, how many saplings have died in those areas, they have no accurate information. A…

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Google Celebrates Begum Rokeya Birthday Anniversary – Begum Rokeya Today At Google Doodle

google celebrates begum rokeya birthday anniversary

Google celebrates begum Rokeya birthday anniversary or begum Rokeya today at google doodle. When you go to Google’s homepage, you will see a doodle. It will be seen that women wearing glasses will walk in the books. Surely you can recognize him? She Begum Rokeya Today is his 137th birth anniversary. Google is remembered today by a special doodle. In the doodle, behind the Begum Rokeya, the text of Google in English in the background has been enhanced. Begum Rokeya has blossomed outside of the house, Google has enhanced the…

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SWAT Force Surrounded a House Suspected Of Militant in Jessore

militant in jessore

SWAT force surrounded a house suspected of militant in jessore members of the law enforcers surrounded a house suspected to be militant in Mosque side in Ghop Nawpara Road in Jessore. Now here based on special weapons and tactics (SWAT Team) information, the house was surrounded on Sunday 10pm.  Militant in Jessore Bangladesh Militant in Jessore Video here. Haider Ali, a teacher of Jessore Zila School, owner of Babli house said that the house take rent Moshiur Rahman was employed in a herbal company. His home district in Kushtia  Jessore…

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Authority Decision to Facebook Close For 6 Hour Every Night

facebook close

Authority decision to facebook close for 6 hour every night.The government is planning to close Facebook for six hours at midnight. However, the final decision has not been made yet. In the meantime, the Department of the Ministry of Cabinet Division has sent a letter to the Department of Posts and Telecommunications. Postal and telecommunication department asked the telecommunication sector regulatory body Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) for this opinion. After getting the opinion of BTRC, the final decision will be made to the cabinet division, said postal telecommunication secretary…

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Women are Not Safe in America – American Women Not Safe in Own Country

american women

Women are not safe in America or American women not safe in own country. America can be proud of women emancipation and women’s independence. But here too often such incidents happen that can not be taken care of. In this country, women are being victim of Hensta. Experiencing death due to persecution Roads, subways, even in their own homes, women are 100 percent safe for all times, it can not be said in America. Subway, known as New York City’s most comfortable and speedy nightmares, often gets nightmares for women.…

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US President Crisis – US President Trump Facing More Crisis

us president crisis

US president crisis or us president trump facing more crisis another side donald trump president, donald trump campaign, presidential election 2017, us presidential election, etc. will trump win One more day, one more crisis. The White House Press Secretary Shaun Spiceer resigned in the list added to the list. President Donald Trump, unhappy about the spikey work being done for a long time. With the responsibility of the press office, the US ‘Bijara’ could not bring the media into the spies. Failure to deal with Harhamsa Trump’s half-truths, he became…

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HSC Result Published Today Passing Rate & GPA 5 Decrease

hsc result

HSC result published today pass rate & gpa 5 decrease, Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) and equivalent exam pass rate and GPA-5 under 10 education boards,  including madrasa and technical, have decreased. Now the average pass rate of 10 board is 68.91 percent. The rate was 74 percent to 70 percent last year. This time, 37 thousand 726 people got GPA-5. Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid today gave a copy of the results to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina at the Prime Minister’s Office on Sunday morning. There he presented brief information about…

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The US President Donald Trump Public Support is Declining

us president donald trump

The US President Donald Trump public support is declining. Recent time trump, trump news, donald trump news, donald trump for president, trump for president, etc. when he took power, his public support was 40 percent. Currently it has reduced 36 percent. This information was released in a poll published on Sunday. US President Donald Trump Public Support is Declining US media has posted a Washington Post and ABC News from July 10 to 13 on a thousand people. It has been found that 58 percent of tragedy has increased. 48…

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US Billionaire Larry Ellison Where to Live – US Billionaire Residence

us billionaire larry ellison

US billionaire larry ellison where to live or us billionaire residence. lawrence Ellison, larry Ellison spouse, larry ellison house, etc all are same. We are know that he is a world top richest person at this time. Larry Ellison Oracle’s executive chairman, Larry Ellison, has a reputation for being a fancy person. 49.33 billion dollars in wealthy owner Ellison lives in Woodside California. It can be said to be a state, which costs approximately 11 billion dollars. His homestead of 16th-century Japanese architecture encompasses a man-made lake spread over 2.5…

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US Billionaire Michael Bloomberg Where to Live – US Billionaire Residence

US billionaire michael bloomberg where to live or us billionaire residence. Bloomberg, mike Bloomberg, bloomberg news, etc huge question asked all but we are provide where to live this world top six richest man. Michael Bloomberg Michael Blumberg’s sixth position in the list is worth 45 billion dollars. Bloomberg LP’s chief executive and the mayor’s former mayor’s wealth spread around the world. But the 74-year-old man spent most of his time in Manhattan’s house. Even while the Mayor was three, he was at this house. He wants to transform this…

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