Top 10 Best Smartphone 2018 – Great Android Smartphone King

top 10 best smartphone 2018

Top 10 best smartphone 2018 that can be a great android smartphone king for tis challenging world. We know that apple iPhone is the best popular smartphone all over the world but on the other hand android phone is the most popular. Apple iPhone is not is budget range for all occupation people but android phone is in budget range for anyones. Because android phones has huge type of category and several company. The Android Phone Manufacturing Company: Samsung, Nokia, Sony, Lg, Htc,Motorola, Huawei, Microsoft, Lenovo, Xiaomi, Google, Acer, Asus,…

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How To Hard Drive Shredder Completely – Hard Drive Shredder Completely

hard drive shredder completely

How to hard drive shredder completely or hard drive shredder completely. Do you know, the formatting will not actually hard drive shredder completely. Rather, the hard disk drive information format can be easily retrieved. When a drive is formatted, it only removes the old partition and then creates a new partition. The operating system cannot read data for a long time, but the data actually exists. How To Hard Drive Shredder Completely So when your old computer or hard disk is used by someone else, then they can get your…

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South Korean AI Robot Army Ready For 3rd World War

ai robot army

South Korean AI robot army ready for 3rd world war. The South Korean AI robot army ready for 3rd world war. Artificial Intelligence researcher warns that a robotic Army capable of destroying human beings is secretly built by a South Korean University. Top AI robot researchers claim that the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) is working with the weapons manufacturing company Hanah system on AI technology. By boycott of the University of Christ, more than fifty Ai researchers from 30 countries have signed a letter and expressed concerns…

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Protect Facebook Hack – Facebook Safe From Hacking

protect facebook hack

Protect facebook hack or facebook safe from hacking. The way to keep Facebook safe from hacking. Facebook authorities have questioned the security of the media. Protect facebook hack to a UK-based political consultancy company Cambridge Analyx. They say, if there is a little bit more careful about a few things, then it can easily be saved from the hackers. Protect facebook hack project can also be protected from some harmful aspects. Protect Facebook Hack There are several things to keep in mind before publishing personal information on Facebook. Hackers get…

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Xiaomi Smart TV – Xiaomi is Launching TV at Affordable Price Than Mobile

xiaomi smart tv

Xiaomi Smart TV or Xiaomi is launching TV at an affordable price than mobile. Launched at Xiaomi Mi-4A (Xiaomi Mi TV 4A). On Tuesday, the online marketing company ‘Flipkart’ is being available this TV. Experts say Xiaomi is going to beat the TV market after smartphones. Xiaomi smart TV is different from another same range Chinese TV brand.  According to the Indian media business show, 32-inch Xiaomi TV 4A price is only 13,999 taka. And the 43-inch TV is available at Tk 22,999. Xiaomi has specially designed this TV for India. Prior…

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Thamao Protects Smartphone Theft- Thamao Will Give Full Smartphone Security

protects smartphone theft

Thamao protects smartphone theft or thamao will give full smartphone security. With smartphone usage rising, smartphones are stolen. When a smartphone is stolen, access to all of the user’s data, facebook/ google/e-mail, is accessed by thieves and the general public gets screwed. Women are facing more problems. After the theft of women’s smartphones, they are often attacked by Blakemile. ‘Stop’ a mobile application recently created to stop this. Thamao Protects Smartphone Theft And the app made some young people. They are: Nasif Siddiqui (Accounting and Information Systems, Dhaka University), Ahsan Asim…

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Sweat Electricity – Electricity Will Be Generated From Sweat

sweat electricity

Sweat electricity or electricity will be generated from sweat. Recently, US chemists and researchers have created a type of ‘tattoo stick’ which can measure the level of physical activity or training. Not only that, it can also be made in addition to electricity. Whether it is sweat or not, believe it is true! Sweat Electricity Suppose you are running as ‘Jaguar’. Along with that, Songs in MP3 Player And that’s why electricity is needed, you’re making it yourself. Wondering about that? That’s right but right. Only electricity is generated through…

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What is Malware In A Computer – How to Avoid Malware

what is malware in a computer

What is malware in a computer or How to avoid malware? We are providing what is malware virus, malware removal tool, malware virus, malware anti-malware, best anti malware, etc. full information. So you know that this malware is mainly of 3 types. There is another thing, which is called Spyware. But do not discuss it here. In another post, I’ll tell you how to do it, how to harm it and how to avoid it. We now know ways to get rid of malware. What is The Realization Of A Computer Virus? What is Malware…

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What is Malware – Malware Virus Worms Trojan Clear Concept

what is malware

What is malware or malware virus worms trojan clear concept? Malware, viruses, trojans, worms, etc. All of your internet and computer users must have heard it. What is malware effect, What is malware virus solution? we are trying to solve this type of asking. Now, what are all these things? How can they make your system worse? And how can you live with them? I’m going to write this post today on these issues. Friends, as far as you know about malware, have heard, have seen, keep all my request on a…

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DSLR VS Smartphone Camera – Smartphone Camera Compare With DSLR

dslr vs smartphone camera

DSLR vs smartphone camera or smartphone camera compare with dslr. Whenever we think of camera or photography, then on our head, the image of a device first appears, and it is a DSLR camera. But in reality, many of us can not afford to buy this expensive professional camera. We have to be satisfied with our smartphones alone, and that’s why we prefer a good camera phone while buying a smartphone. So friends, today you must understand, today you will know about the difference between your smartphone camera and DSLR…

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