10 important Mozilla Firefox Extensions – Extensions Make Easy To Smooth Browsing

mozilla firefox extensions

10 important mozilla firefox extensions or extensions make easy to smooth browsing. firefox addons, firefox addon, plugins firefox, firefox app, firefox plugins, As an Internet browser, Mozilla Firefox is a very popular and widely used name. As an Internet browser, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are running very competitive. But it is necessary to say that 100% is not perfect! Mozilla Firefox is no exception! However, we can increase Firefox functionality by adding various addons and extensions to our work in Mozilla Firefox. Today I’ll talk about 10 important extensions…

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Top 10 Smartphone Manufacturers 2017 – Top 10 Smartphone Producer at This Time

top 10 smartphone

Top 10 smartphone manufacturers 2017 or top 10 smartphone producer at this time. Smartfone, 5g smartphone, smartphone 4g, smartphone android, etc. the global smartphone market is increasing day by day, according to China-based smartphone makers. According to the market monitoring agency Counter Point, 48 percent of the world’s smartphone market is occupied by Chinese. In the second quarter of this year, smart phone sales were quite upbeat, with some companies in the country. In addition, Apple, Samsung’s company, as well as the top ten, has made some top Chinese smartphone…

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What is The Realization Of A Computer Virus?

What is the realization of a computer virus? virus computer, online virus scan, virus in computer,  what is computer virus, etc You might have heard someone say, “My computer has not got a virus, I can not do anything, what I do!” Another might say, “The virus has deleted all my files, now what? Computer Virus Effect in General Life What is the virus that is causing us so much trouble in the virus? In general, the virus is a harmful substance whose job is to harm. So how does…

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6 Apps Secretly Reduce Your Smartphone Battery Backup

smartphone battery backup

As the usage of mobile is increasing in modern life. 6 apps secretly reduce your smartphone battery backup, phone battery, mobile phone batteries, etc. there is a growing concern with the worry about the battery of the mobile. The more time you spend on mobile, the more battery consumption will increase. It’s normal. But many mobile users complain that the battery cost is a little too much compared to the mobile they are not using. Why does this happen? Information technology experts say many times a mobile phone is installed…

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Your Email Is Safe At All – Hundreds Millions Of Emails Are Captured By Hackers

email is safe

Your email is safe at all hundreds millions of emails are captured by hackers.How safe is your email from hackers? Is personal information safe and secure? If you know the information that has come up recently, you will get this question in mind. Because, in 2014, only about 500 million e-mails have been hacked by Yahoo. Yahoo has learned this in the past month. The agency acknowledged that hackers have stolen the e-mail account username, e-mail ID, phone number, date of birth and encrypted password. Although the payment card data…

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Helio S10 Smartphone Features & Update Technical Information

helio s10 smartphone

Helio s10 smartphone features & update technical information. Edison Group officials believe Halo’s new smartphone will attract young people. Flagship can be kept in any smartphone’s queue. Know 10 features of the Helio S10 smartphone coming to the market Helio S10 Smartphone Features Strong Flash: As a special feature of self-taking, its front camera has Selfi Flash. It is stronger than ordinary flash, so you can take good pictures at night. Camera: The camera has been given priority on the S10 smartphone. In front of the 16 megapixel, there are…

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Google Brings New Backup Methods – Google Backup Service

google backup service

Google brings new backup methods or google backup service, google backup transport,google backup android, android backup service, google data backup, google android backup, etc. Last month, Google announced it was going to launch a system that would allow users to automatically submit everything to Google’s cloud conservation software. Without a certain number of things on their Google Drive so long, everything was not automatically stored. Finally, on Wednesday, Google has introduced the full computer backup facility automatically. With this new feature, users can store any documents, photos or videos on…

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Bangladeshi 2 Million Mobile User Daily Use in Social Media

social media

Bangladeshi 2 million mobile user daily use in social media. social networking sites, the social network, social media sites, social sites, social media platforms, etc. social site such as Facebook, YouTube and WhatsApp regularly uses 2 million people. GSMA ( a global organization of mobile phone operators) said that 13 percent of the country’s population is now active in social site. The average rate of social media usage in the South Asian countries is 34 percent. Bangladesh is far behind than the neighbors in using social site. 2 Million Mobile User Daily Use…

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Facebook Artificial Intelligence – Be Careful Before Type Of Post On Facebook

facebook status

Facebook status be careful before sharing this type of post on facebook. Also be careful facebook status, facebook new, status facebook, post facebook, facebook messages, etc all activity now control facebook associated team and artificial intelligence. Facebook Artificial Intelligence Facebook is going to deploy artificial intelligence to prevent the spread of terrorism through the Internet. Recently, there is anecdotal post on terror in Facebook. And the post is spreading in minutes. Facebook official said, at the moment that such a post will be posted on Facebook, the Facebook’s artificial intelligence will…

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