You Need to Check Smartphone Before Buy


You need to check smartphone before buy,but now we are finding  mobile phones, latest mobile phones, best smartphone, new smartphones, new mobile phones, best mobile phone, cheap smartphones, latest smartphones, cell phone, best cell phone, top 10 mobiles, mobile phones for sale, best mobile, best phone, smartphone price, smartphone 2017, best phones 2017, phones for sale , buy mobile phones, top 10 mobile phones, smartphones for sale, new phones, best phones 2017, top mobile phones, best cheap smartphone, top 10 smartphones, buy smartphone, cheap cell phones, compare mobile phone, etc. Mobile phones are now the constant companion. Communication, photography, data stored in the cloud, in addition to browsing the Internet is being used as a smartphone power bank. Various smartphone now available to buy in the market to buy the phone difficult decision. Sophisticated feature phones in the market has made it more difficult. Things to keep in mind before buying such expensive smartphone should be, has published a report about it now Gadgets. Take a look at the necessities:check smartphone

Building material

What will be the durability of the phone, it should be kept in mind. Plastic and metal structure of the market will turn. Some phones have given the glass coat. When things fall from the hands of those around, they buy metal or plastic phone. Such phones could last two to three feet from him, though.


Depending on the phone, use the phone’s screen size and resolution will be to fix. The video streaming, photo editing, video or movie download, they must be five and a half or six-inch full HD display, the phone will QHD. If you can carry the phone to be larger than the problem. The general Internet browsing, chatting or e-mail, Facebook will use to run their smartphones, they are five to five and a half inch HD or full HD display, the phone can take.


Version of the operating system, user interface, based on a variety of bolt ware processing power of smartphones is the difference. The smartphone photo or video editing, document editing, heavy gaming, video streaming and use more than one app on the screen, they can call a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 or Snapdragon 820821. It is available in multi-facility. And those who use a smartphone light, they can use Mediatek processors.


Higher megapixel camera phones on the spot, but he is not good. Aperture, ISO, important factors such as pixel size and autofocus. This means that the large pixel size of the image. In other words, the smaller the screen, the picture is more sharp. Of course the camera’s aperture is the importance of enthusiastic photographers. 1 megapixel or 16-megapixel sensor with an aperture of f / 2.0 or better pictures under low light if you will. The general picture was, however, they were 8 or 1-megapixel sensor with an aperture of f / 2.0 or f / 2.2 can be seen.


How to exploit the phone, depending on the capacity of the battery will take a look. Those who use more applications, play games, or watch a video, the smartphone milliamp battery case of three or more batteries will power. The average or light user, the three of them will go to work on battery milliamp.

Operating System

Now before you buy a smartphone operating system version and the user interface is important to consider the issue. Using the user interface is done repeatedly, so it is as easy and simple as well. Motorola to experience the perfect Android, Nexus / pixel, Android devices can be used. The jenUI, Xperia UI, Samsung Touch wiz, like EMUI user interfaces.


Taking into account the majority of the smartphone storage space is occupied by the operating system and pre-installed apps. In addition, the phone is 16 GB, 3 GB, or 64 GB of space is, in fact, they do not have the space. The app uses a smartphone, the smartphone can take the 31-GB of storage. Those who use the app, they have 64 or 128 GB of storage-like a smartphone. Buy Smartphone 16 GB of storage and a microSD support, and it will see.


Most phones now have additional security features. Or fingerprint sensor, such as Irish. These features not only the phone lock-unlock it, rather than a specific file, the password can be used. Irish scanner is not yet available in the phone for at least an additional security feature so that you can see that the phones.


Before buying the phone will now look at the quality of the audio. For those who do video conferencing or video streaming, audio quality is good for them to be. This way, those who prefer relaxation, they can buy at the front of the speaker phone. The use of the phone, there is no problem for them, it gives the speaker phone.

Headphone Jack

What kind of smartphones port is being used, it is important to consider. Smartphone Micro USB and USB Type-C port is now available. Considering the convenience of USB Type-C to be chosen. Because it is easy to plug in and use will increase in the future such ports.


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