China once again setup supercomputer – World Top Supercomputer

setup supercomputer

China once again setup supercomputer and fully avoid US technology, is not the first time China has the world’s most powerful supercomputer. 93 Petaflop per second (or 10 million gigaphlapa teraphlapa of 1 Petaflop = 1) motion “Sunway taihulaita named in this supercomputer has been used to create a local Microchip 0. Top 500 report released in June. 500 supercomputer list released twice a year in terms of the speed of the company’s top 500. German and US experts linapyaka benchmark survey report was published with the help of the top 500.setup supercomputer

China was the previous top of the list of the top 500, but he called Tianhe-2 computer microprocessor maker Intel processors were used in preparing the US. Tianhe-II was only 33 Petaflop speed. China’s decreasing dependence on Western technology, it proves Sunway taihulaita. Climate and life science research using the National Supercomputing Center in China, usi it has been established.

The speed of the top two supercomputers in China, the United States is four. The remaining four in Japan, Germany, Switzerland and Saudi Arabia was have one. Not just the top of the list, the top 500 supercomputers in China is 167. But the United States, there are 165 countries in the top processor manufacturers. Science and technology research in China has been spending a lot of money. Within this year, the world’s biggest radio telescope in southeastern China, the government plans to set up plants.

Despite such efforts, however, some of the country falling behind in scientific research. On the other hand, China can not iuni bharsitiguloo expected results in the global list.

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