What is The Realization Of A Computer Virus?


What is the realization of a computer virus? virus computer, online virus scan, virus in computer,  what is computer virus, etc You might have heard someone say, “My computer has not got a virus, I can not do anything, what I do!” Another might say, “The virus has deleted all my files, now what?

computer virus
What is Computer Virus?

Computer Virus Effect in General Life

What is the virus that is causing us so much trouble in the virus? In general, the virus is a harmful substance whose job is to harm. So how does it hurt? When the virus enters our body, it binds to the normal functioning of the body, so that we become ill. Likewise, when the virus enters the computer, the normal function of the computer is interrupted, even when the computer takes control of the virus in its own hands, the computer becomes ill. So you can not do any work with that computer. That is, the computer does not understand which software is good and which is bad.

By using this weak aspect of the computer, a wicked software writer writes software for the sake of fulfillment of his own interests, or just for the sake of mischief, in which there is harmful instruction, but good looks in the outer appearance. In this way, when you run into your computer by email attachment or pen drive, and you do not know it, you did not realize that it was unknown that you told the computer to observe these harmful commands.

Virus Effect in Cyber

Get an idea of ​​how dangerous the virus can be from the global cyber attack of May. In May last year, a virus spread through the Internet locked millions of computer files around the world and demanded three hundred dollars for recovering these files. Then, public, private, institutional hospitals, hospitals, ATM booths and communication systems were stalled at different locations. Read it

You must have understood how harmful the virus can affect your life. So in the next episode we will see how to protect our computer from viruses.


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