Cortana Advance Edition Launch Microsoft

microsoft cortana

Microsoft launch a advance digital assistance apps name Cortana build by Microsoft. also we called cortana windows 10,  cortana android,
cortana for android, cortana app, windows 10 cortana, windows cortana, microsoft cortana, cortana windows, cortana microsoft, cortana windows phone, hey cortana Microsoft has released a new version of the app for the Apple iPhone. The new version of the redesigned user interface and enhanced features added to Microsoft. Cortana alleges the new company to compete with Apple’s Siri. Cortana user can be e-mail sent to keep picking up the event, the device, such as cloud and web search can be done in many. Technical website Digital trends report, Microsoft still has confidence in iOS and Android platforms Cortana. However, too much effect on the popularity of Cortana -to-date version of this hard to believe. 2.0 Version or update version as a digital assistant Cortana Microsoft officials say will improve the experience. The Microsoft Surface Pro tablet is working on a new version. In the first quarter of this year, the market may comes this tab.   

If you want to Enjoy Cortana Services You can get Here …. 

Download Windows OS Cortana   

Download Android OS Cortana    


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