Cox Bazar Beach Guide – Cox’s Bazar Brief Guide to Travel

cox bazar beach guide

Cox bazar beach guide or Cox’s bazar brief guide to travel. We know that the world’s longest continuous, natural sandy beach is located in Cox’s Bazar of Bangladesh. This beach is one hundred and twenty kilometers long, from Cox’s Bazar city to Badcomok. It is the largest tourist center of the country.

Cox Bazar Beach Guide

The horizon of the vast sandstone, the black rows of the Jawban, the festivals with the waves, boats and trawlers thrown on the beach, the sun coming out like a thornback from the back of the east, and the sun-riddling sun-rays in the evening, Cox’s Bazar, the longest continuous beach in the world, is composed on the east coast.

cox bazar beach guide
CoxBazar Beach Hotel
cox bazar beach guid
CoxBazar Special Package for Couple

If you plan to travel anywhere in the world, it may be seen that the name of Cox’s Bazar comes first. Not only domestic tourists, but also thousands of tourists visiting the beach every year from overseas. It is seen that due to lack of proper information and due to a beautiful travel plan, many of us do not succeed in Cox’s Bazar tour. In view of that aspect, we have been trying to highlight the details of how a successful Cox’s Bazar can be visited in this episode ahead of Eid and another festival.

Cox’s Bazar distance from Chittagong city is 152 km. and distance from Dhaka is 414 km. Getting to Cox’s Bazar from the capital Dhaka and on the airways. The marine drive of the beach is an extraordinary road.

The entire place will be fascinated by this route as far as you go. On one side the mountains and the sea on one side will be seduced.


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cox bazar beach guid
Cox Bazar Sea Beach General View
cox bazar beach guid
Coxbazar Bach Water Sport
cox bazar beach guid
CoxBazar Sunset View
cox bazar beach guide
Cox Bazar Natural Item for Sold

If you visit Cox’s Bazar, it will be worth mentioning that the sights that will give you a glimpse of:


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