Cox Bazar Himchari Beach – Traveling to Cox Bazar Sea Beach

cox bazar himchari beach

Cox bazar himchari beach or traveling to cox bazar sea beach. Marine Drive is situated 18 km south of Cox’s Bazar. The main attraction here is the green hills and the other fountain. Another attraction on the way from Cox’s Bazar to Himchari, is the green mountain standing on the left side of the road and the continuous wave of the waters of the sea on the right. During the monsoon season, the water of the Himchari is more alive and alive.

Cox Bazar Himchari Beach

There is also a resort on the hill top, from which the vast ocean of blue water is easily seen. After the sea beach of Cox’s Bazar, the name of Himchari is pronounced in the mouth of tourists. Beautiful hill fair, sea and water fountain fair in Himchari. Which seduced sea parsley. Domestic and foreign tourists came to visit around Himchari every time.

cox bazar himchari beach
Cox Bazar Himchari Waterfall

There are several small-large mountain fountains. The waterfalls of these fountains attract tourists. The beautiful scenery of the sea, hills and Cox’s bazar are easily seen in the hills above the stairs.

Himchhari beach beach, 12 kilometers away from the city of Cox’s Bazar, on the edge of the hill. And this is the only cold water fountain in the country.

cox bazar himchari beach
Himchari Waterfall
cox bazar himchari beach
Himchari Beach Sunset View

On the other side, on the other side, the vast seaside, on the other side of the marine drive road, there is no way of imagination. If the Marine Drive does not come to the Cox’s Bazar, then it is impossible to stay here.

cox bazar himchari beach
Himchari Beach view
Source : Wikipedia

Himchari Beach Natural View

Himchhori beach is pretty beautiful, there is no racket. Nimble, quiet silent and sunsan environment, such beaches are no longer in our country. There are a few large small fountains around the beach. There is also a national park in Himchari.The environment of the forest of 1729 hectares is also very nice.

Cool water fountains There are several rest houses on the hills of Himchari. The whole beach is seen from here. The cold water fountain of the Himchari hills is wonderful. In the rainy season the actual form of this spring is seen completely. So now is the time to see the actual form of this spring.

cox bazar himchari beach
Himchari Beach Row of Tree
Source: Wikipedia

How to go: Cox’s Bazar City can be used to ride on a Zip car and go to Himchhari. From Cox’s Bazar beach to Himchari, always leave the car. Besides, if you want, you can go to Riksha or Autorixa to Himchari.

Cox’s Bazar is called the residential hotel city Where to stay it’s not a problem. So the night can be booked at any hotel in the city of Cox’s Bazar.

cox bazar himchari beach
Himchari Beach

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