Cristiano Ronaldo Did Not Say To Leave Real

cristiano ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo has complained of tax evasion allegations, cristiano, ronaldo cristiano, Portuguese star has decided not to play in Spain Although Ronaldo was silent on the incident in the last few days, he was silent. However, Spain’s El Confidential magazine reports that the Portuguese Forward claimed that he had never said to leave the real.

Ronaldo has been accused of tax evasion of $ 14.4 million last month. A Portuguese newspaper reported that he was forced to leave the real estate without the support of the Spanish authorities over the tax evasion case and the club did not support it. Although Ronaldo did not say anything about this. Rather, in the middle of last month, posting a picture with finger on the face in the Instagram, “Sometimes the best answer is to remain silent.”cristiano ronaldo

Spain’s online-based El Confidential magazine has said that 32-year-old Portuguese forward said, “Ronaldo said with Real Madrid’s Florentino Perez, I’ve never said that Real Madrid would leave. I went to a dinner with the teammates and said that after consulting my advisers and lawyers, in spite of obeying all the conditions of tax in England and Spain, I was shocked at what happened to me. Bad behavior and harassment have been done to me. ‘

But the news of the last few days, why did Ronaldo not deny it? Perez explained Ronaldo, ‘what has been disclosed, I have not denied anything. I did not want to play in the media game Even after publication of bad news on my family or personal affairs, I did not talk about it. Who thinks he has gone to the president to talk about the contract, he does not know me. I’ve never done this.


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