Different Type of Operating System Setup in a Computer – Different OS Effect

computer operating system

Different type of computer operating system setup in a computer or OS effect. When a computer or laptop is built,  windows os, windows operating system, the latest operating system is supported accordingly. Most of the laptops are set up as an operating system by default. This means that if you want to set up any operating system other than this default operating system, then know from them what the operating system is positive for your laptop. However, almost any operating system can be set up on a PC without laptops.

Different OS Effect in a Computer

For example, if you buy a pc made in 2005 then it can not be possible to keep away windows seven setup. because your pc has been built based on windows xp, so you can get set up even if you can give Seven Setup. If your PC is 2010, then xp will work better than visa.

I’ve been waiting for windows 8 for a long time because my net book has a lot less speed. But after installing windows 8 setup, I got enough speed but I did not get it. Some of the Samsung’s built-in software that are not only installed for this net book are not installed. occasionally automatic error restarts error message. after opening, several scurries appear on the display across the display, and if the metro apps runs, it hangs as if there is no way to restart it. That’s why I chatted with Samsung’s customer service, they said that it’s just made for windows 7. windows 8 can be damaged if you set it. so quickly I got 7 again.computer operating system

Again a few days ago, on another computer, I went to pay 7 sets. because it was 2006 and RAM was 500 MB. But for win 7 after the setup, the speed decreased so much that it does not work directly by pressing the power button. So, before setting up a new, different operating system, know about it or visit its manufacturer’s website.

Windows Update

Before I downloaded the updates of Windows and gave it to a different computer, I went to the websites of the computer and found that they were linking to different updates. Then search in Wikipedia, which I found to know is that some updates are only for those types of computers, such as hot Fix. the folly of giving a set of hot fix to another compatriot. I found that hot Fix is ​​set up on a computer, but it does not work and Windows updates do not download it. Hot Fix is ​​a specially designed engineering update that fixes your computer’s weaknesses for those operating systems.

Many of us do not know what Hot Fix, which security updates and none of the security updates. So it is good that in the Windows update setting, check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them and then update the updates according to the list. If there is a speed on the network, install updates automatically. And that’s the best thing to do.

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