Dulhazra Safari Park Cox Bazar – Traveling to Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach

dulhazra safari park cox bazar

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dulhazra safari park cox bazar
Dulhazra Safari Park Foreigner With Local Guide

Dulhazra Safari Park Cox Bazar

The ocean waves of surging waves sank in a vast sand. Cox’s Bazar, which expresses its name to the mind of the heart, awakens a miraculous thrill of heart-Cox’s Bazar. Yes! The only known name of the traveler in the world is the famous name Cox’s Bazar.

dulhazra safari park cox bazar
Dulhazra Safari Park Natural View Royal Bengal Tiger

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dulhazra safari park cox bazar
Dulhazra Safari Park White Lion

In detail, ‘World’s grandfather’s house’ The world knows, Cox’s Bazar, the world’s largest beach. That’s why every year millions of tourists and pilgrims travel abroad to rush in this city.

Cox’s Bazar also packs its delightful beauty with full joy, and it’s nature-loving people running in its lap.

Dulhajara Safari Park is one of the most visited tourist attractions of Cox’s Bazar, where you will go to meet with Priti. 

Dulhajra Safari Park This sanctuary contains a variety of animals including domestic elephants.

dulhazra safari park cox bazar
Dulhazra Safari Park Animals

Here you will be able to ride on an elephant.Among other animals here are: tiger, lion, crocodile, bear, monkey etc.

dulhazra safari park cox bazar
Dulhazra Safari Park Crocodile

Along with animals, there are also many species of birds in this park. When you visit the animal museum here, you can see different types of animals and birds and animals of particular animals.


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