Facebook Announces Emotion Rather Than Likes

Facebook Announces Emotion Rather Than Likes Thumble

Facebook Announces Emotion Rather Than Likes Thumble

Although many rumors about dislike button on Facebook will not dislike button. Instead of bringing a feature through which people can express their different emotions.This Friday Ireland and Spain, has opened up a feature for Facebook users, which can be expressed in different expression. Facebook officials associated with various ways of expressing emotion, but no dislike  option will not be offered.

Mark Zuckerberg said, is not always the best time. It takes a lot of time to express sympathy. To share some moments which seemed more expression? Just like not all can be published.Ireland and Spain, as well as six emotion Like Facebook users are getting the chance to experiment with things. They are not meant to be any post. These options are ‘made’, “Iain ” wow ” HA ‘,’ sad ‘and’ angry ‘. Emoji, such as providing messaging options are used.

Facebook Announces Emotion Rather Than Likes

Zuckerberg said, but these options can not be easily dislike sorrow, empathy, joy and warmth will allow sharing.Facebook product manager Chris won the reaction or response option, Facebook users will add more diverse stories and content.Chris won the dijalaika button Adding Facebook Facebook would not add any additional value that Facebook said.

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