Facebook Down Problem Solution – Facebook CEO Said About The Problem of Facebook in The Beginning of The Year 2018

facebook down problem solution

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Facebook new CEO Mark Zuckerberg has set a new target in the new year 2018. This year his goal is to ‘fix Facebook. But is not Facebook OK? Mark Zuckerberg thought Facebook was not exactly the same as before. Something has gone awry.

Facebook CEO Said About The Problem of Facebook in The Beginning of The Year 2018

Mark Zuckerberg told everyone with a specific goal or a challenge at the beginning of the year 2009. Earlier, she took the challenge of eating tuna, eating her own animal meat, talking in Mandarin language, every day. In the past year, every state in the United States has challenged. This year he has challenged the organization to challenge the private challenges ahead.

On Thursday, Mark Zuckerberg wrote that he would work to protect Facebook users from persecution, stand against state interference, and increase the security of users’ Facebook time.facebook down problem solution

In general, Mark Zuckerberg wants to do his job as the chief executive of Facebook. Facebook’s chief executive said, “This is not a personal challenge, but I think I can learn something with these things. I’ll do something different.

Mark Zuckerberg admits, ‘I can not prevent all wrong or oppression, but I am making many mistakes now. 2017 is not good for the Facebook role in the US elections has been criticized. In particular, the US Congress has faced Russia’s interference in elections, the former and investors have to face severe criticism about the role of Facebook in the world. There is no other way than to solve the problems. It is being said to give perfect results from Washington, Europe, and other countries. It has 200 million user platforms. Users can read this in a fake, false and officially exposed information. Can not give up using Facebook.

Just nine years ago, Mark Zuckerberg had challenged this challenge, compared to this challenge. Mark Zuckerberg wrote, “At that time, Facebook was not profitable in the economic downturn. Because Facebook was converted into a durable business model, it was important to give importance. Remember that the year was heavily tie every day. This year seems like the previous year.

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