Fake Facebook Accounts Are No Longer For Women


Many women postpone their image in profile pictures because they suffer from insecurity. fake facebook account are no longer for all but specially for women. Keeping in mind the fb security of women, Facebook has taken two new tools. It is often happening to download women’s images, distort the picture or create a fake account with that picture. Facebook has not had such a powerful feature to prevent all this. Even if the image was not downloaded, the fake account that was created with the screenshot of that photo.

Photo Guardfake facebook accounts

To save women from all these activities in India, Facebook has brought two new features on Wednesday. The first feature is ‘Photo Guard‘. If you use this tool, someone will not be able to download, share or messenger any image.

Nobody can take photos of these photos from anyone on Facebook in Android phones. Whenever you use ‘Photo Guard’ in the profile picture, the blue border will come around the photos and there will be a blue color shield. The name of this Shield is Facebook – ‘Soman’ Through this blue shield it will be understood that the photo guard has been used in this film.

Photo Filterfake facebook accounts

Facebook’s second feature is a ‘photo filter’. Through these filters, the pictures can be used in different area. When you put this filter in the picture, the tendency to download that picture is greatly reduced. For many years, many women have become insecure and posted pictures of other things rather than their pictures in Dipi. As a result, it is difficult to find them easily on Facebook.

Two features will be promoted in the Facebook news feed. This feature will be fully loaded on June 27th.



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