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Famous hollywood actors famous son still now get popularity and earn huge. They also have huge market popularity for mind blowing performance.

Top 5 Famous Hollywood Actors Famous Son

Will Smith and Jaden Smithhollywood actors

Will Smith do not know who is there? His life is very diverse. Just acting, singing and singing songs is also his outstanding competence. Some of his enchanting pictures of Bad Boys, Independents’ Day, Enemy of the State, Men in Black Series, Ali, Bad Boys Two and Winter Tel However, the film of Per successful Happiness took Will Smith to a unique height. His son, Jaden Smith, also starred in this film. This is Jaden’s first picture.

The father-in-law played back together in the After Death movie. Jaden’s The Karate Kid, The Day the Earth Stood Still Pictures. Jaden has more identity. That’s a great rapper and dancer. Dancing with Justin Bieber’s ‘Never Say Never’ song.

Tom Hanks and Colin Hanks hollywood actors

Do not know Tom Hanks, is a filmmaker? The performances of Forrest Gump, Apollo, Saving Private Ryan, Cast Away, The Vinci Code, can be understood only by the diverse performance of this actor. How to make box office success that he is the hero of the movie!

His best friend Colin Hanks The boy who came to acting in 1996 became popular with his father. Many will remember his acting performance in the Orange County. Besides, the name of the TV series “Roswell”, “Band of Brothers”, “Dexter”, “The Good Guy” can also be taken. The boy is acting with his popular and reflective father.

Robert Downey and Robert Downey Jr. hollywood actors

Father Robert actor and film director. Basically he is underground filmmaker. Some of her photos directed by Sweet Smell of Sex, No More Exec, Sticks and Bones, Moment to Moment, America, Rented Lips, Uzo Pool, Rittenhouse Square. Robert Downey also played the role of wife and son in his film. Robert Downey Jr. plays the father-directed film at just five years of age.

Now Robert Downy is one of Junior’s most-paid actresses in Hollywood. Parents are very happy to achieve the son. Junior became addictive during his childhood and there was a taboo in his father. Later, they managed to overcome it. Some of his best films, The Singing Detective, Gothika, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, A Scanner Darkly, Jodiac, Tropic Thunder, The Avenger, The Ironman and Sherlock Holmes, starring Robert Downey Jr.
Junior but better than the senior has surpassed the senior. Now the father-son relationship is very good.

Jerry Stiller and Ben Stiller hollywood actors

Ben Stiller is a favorite name for the audience today. And father Jerry Stiler? She is one of the best comedians of all time. In the TV series ‘Seinfelde’ and ‘The King of Queens’, he did not have a stomach laughing when he saw his acting comedy? In his own time, was it able to overtake someone acting in a comedy? He was a favorite of the audience. Hollywood will remember for a lot of his achievements. It is good to be kept in mind that his wife Anne Mayyara is a very funny comedy actress. At the same time they started shaking the curtains. Jerry Stiller starred Hot Persuet, Reality Bytes, Meet the Parents, Julander, Dodgeball. Now all the photos are seen on YouTube, anyone can be entertained seeing Ben Stirler’s father’s pictures.

It can be said that Ben has surpassed all aspects of his father. This good actor starred in about 50 films. In this, the number of pictures filled with mind is not less. Here are some of the names of the film’s names, such as The Secret Life of Walter Mitti, Where Something About Mary, Tropic Thunder, Madagascar, and The Night at the Museum Trilogy. He is also very popular with the show ‘The Ben Stiller Show’ in his own name.

Kirk Douglas and Michael Douglashollywood actors

Calling Hollywood’s legendary family, there is nothing more about Douglas’s family. Kirk Douglas received his lifetime achievement award in the Oscar for lifetime achievement Found the ‘Medal of Freedom’. He is also the author of 10 novels. Among his films, The Strange Love of Martha Ivers, Champion, Is Into The Hole, The Indian Fighter, Paths of Glory, Lonely and The Brave, and Seven Dais in May.

His son Michael Douglas is also the popular and powerful actor of Hollywood. In the number of prizes he has overtaken his father much more. Michael Douglas has won five Golden Globe so far, Oscar twice and once Emmy Award. Among his scenes are Wall Street, Basic Iniestak, Disclosure, Traffic, Ant-Man.

There is a little more talk about this family. Michael’s son Cameron Douglas is also a powerful actor. Mr. Ness Guy, It Races in the Family, National Lampons Adam and Eve, and Lodged However, Cameron has been involved in the problem of drug addiction several times, and he has also been jailed.


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