Google Brings New Backup Methods – Google Backup Service

google backup service

Google brings new backup methods or google backup service, google backup transport,google backup android, android backup service, google data backup, google android backup, etc. Last month, Google announced it was going to launch a system that would allow users to automatically submit everything to Google’s cloud conservation software. Without a certain number of things on their Google Drive so long, everything was not automatically stored. Finally, on Wednesday, Google has introduced the full computer backup facility automatically. With this new feature, users can store any documents, photos or videos on the computer automatically in Google Cloud Storage.

Google Backup Service

To get this feature, users will be able to download the ‘Backup and Sinks’ app and transfer them to the older Google Drive. It will work just like the previous Google Drive. Even Google Drive settings will remain in the new app after signing in. Basically, the new facility has made the process of backup easier, said Google’s product manager Akash Shane. He also said that new backup methods can easily be stored in different places on the computer in the cloud.

google backup serviceAside from the photos or video on the computer, specific folders can be automatically selected for backup. Apart from this, any USB device connected to the computer such as camera, SD cargoogle backup serviced data  can also be backed up by the new facility. Saved data can be used on any device or internet as before. Initially, the user can save upto 15 gigabytes of data free of charge. Monthly payment will be made for additional cloud space.

The computer system has crashed or accidentally lost the computer data in an accident, to avoid tragic events Google has brought backup and sink app, said Akash Shane. He also said that Google always works to ensure the highest security of user information.


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