Google Celebrates Begum Rokeya Birthday Anniversary – Begum Rokeya Today At Google Doodle

google celebrates begum rokeya birthday anniversary

Google celebrates begum Rokeya birthday anniversary or begum Rokeya today at google doodle. When you go to Google’s homepage, you will see a doodle. It will be seen that women wearing glasses will walk in the books. Surely you can recognize him? She Begum Rokeya Today is his 137th birth anniversary. Google is remembered today by a special doodle. In the doodle, behind the Begum Rokeya, the text of Google in English in the background has been enhanced. Begum Rokeya has blossomed outside of the house, Google has enhanced the celebrates begum rokeya birthday anniversary

The special doodle is seen in Bangladesh when it comes to Google ( via the Internet or directly from Begum Rokeya with Begum Rokeya showed many search results in Google with her clicking on the doodle.

Today is his birthday on 9th December. He died on this day of 1932. The day is celebrated as Rokeya Day.

On December 9, 1880, Rokeya was born in a Muslim family of Paireband, Rangpur. He was also known as Rokeya Khatun, Rokeya Sakhawat Hossain, Mrs. R.S. In the nineteenth century, when the women took a hostage, she raised the voice against women’s subordination at the same time.

google celebrates begum rokeya birthday anniversaryRokeya Sakhawat Hossain’s dream was that in the society, men and women will live with equal dignity and rights. He has written about his dream in his stories-novels-articles. Work has been done to promote women’s education. The establishment of women’s education institutes, their empowerment, and the struggle for the franchise, Rokeyai started this Bangla in Bengal.

In the memory of the different day and historical events and the birth or death of prominent people, Google has changed the doodles. Through which the world is informed about that day or person. If you want to know more about the doodle, click here. Google searches show links to some websites with detailed information about the matter.

Earlier on November 13 last, Google’s Humayun Ahmed Doodle was seen. Apart from this, Google has released a number of notable doodles, including the birthday of renowned architect F. R Khan, Google’s Independence Day.

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