The Great Advantage of WhatsApp Update Version


Great advantage of whatsApp update version.WhatsApp or whatsapp messenger, whatsapp android, whatsapp update, whatsapp app, whatsup, whatsapp for android, update whatsapp, whatsapp new version, app whatsapp, what’s up application, whatsapp message, new whatsapp, free whatsapp, whatsapp for Samsung, com whatsapp, new version of whatsapp, upgrade whatsapp, android whatsapp, latest whatsapp, what’s apps, whatsapp upgrade, what apps, what’s app messenger, whatsapp con, whatsapp new, whatsapp mobile, whatsup application, google whatsapp, etc. This time, the most popular messaging app WhatsApp. This popular app for the upcoming eighth birthday. WhatsApp is February 4 to 8 years old. What’s an app for their customers on their birthday brings a great update. According to this new update of the status of his client WhatsApp pictures, video or GIF (GIF) can be used. This status will be available for only 4 hours. The status will go away by itself. This status comes with end-to-end encryption. Who can see this status, they are able to control the wants of the customer.

This company is owned by Facebook’s messaging services, such as the snap chat to stay ahead of the competition with the launch of why this particular update the informed sources said.


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