Happy New Year in Cox’s Bazar Beach


Stars Fair in Cox’s Bazar Beach For Receive English New Year 2016

Happy New Year Stars Fair in Cox’s Bazar Beach for receive English New Year. Cox’s Bazar Beach Carnival visitors at the same stage Nagar Baul, LRB, Joler Gan, Cirkute,Maksud and Dhaka Vikings, Shafi Mondol, Kiran Chandra Roy, Anupam Roy’s Somalata and another  popular artists. The longest beach in the world will last for three days Balukabelay the biggest festival of the year. The three-day fair from December 31 to January 2 new beach of Cox’s Bazar. In the early hours of the new year with songs to the stage musician James said. Will be drawn from the afternoon until midnight every day of the festival will continue all day with the most popular artists in the performance of the various programs.happy new year stars fair in cox's bazar beach

The beach in Cox’s Bazar Beach Carnival will be opened on December 31 at 10am. This three-day organized by the country’s best artists, organized by the local minority ethnic glamorous cultural, dance performances, there will be various programs, including fireworks organized reaches the beach. The other colors are in the context of the exhibition fair food, renditions of folk art, promoting the country’s tourism different arrangements, kite festivals, exhibitions, beach cricket tournament, surfing, sand sculpture, photography exhibition by various programs. Carnival whole new look sajabe Beach area. To keep the beach clean there will be a special program this Carnival.happy new year stars fair in cox's bazar beach

Beach Carnival organized by the Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism, Bangladesh Tourism Corporation, tourism boards and Cox’s Bazar district administration. Carnival Beach is sponsoring the United Commercial Bank Limited, and as a partner of Apex and the partner  Health syabhalana Beach Festival.Organized by the Civil Aviation and Tourism Minister Rashed Khan Menon of the world in 2016 years, was declared a tourist destination as well as the government of Bangladesh Cox ‘s Bazar tourism showcase event in front of the whole world. The industry has great potential for tourism. Governments around the world to highlight the potential of the tourism industry, there are several plans. He urged everyone to participate Carnival Beach. Beach Carnival 10 million people are expected spectator experience for visitors to the festive glow. Cox’s Bazar beach campaign, it’s going to be the biggest cultural programs. Cox’s Bazar Beach Carnival all welcome the new year.



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