The History Of Dhaka University – Key Information of DU

dhaka university

Now we are want to say history of Dhaka University or key information of DU.  Due to the annulment of the partition of Bengal in 1905. the demand for establishment of a university in East Bengal was first demanded by the University of Dhaka 

Background of Dhaka Universitydhaka university

Act On 27 May 1912, the background of the establishment of this university was created by the members of Robert Nathan Committee formed by the Bengal Government. One of the proposers was Nawab Sir Salimullah, Nawab Nawab Ali Chowdhury and Sher-e-Bangla AK Fazlul Huq. In the year 1912, the University of Dhaka was established on July 1, 1921 in view of the Nathan Committee’s proposal to the Viceroy Lord Hardinge. It is a matter of great pleasure that this university has reached 96 years today.

Dhaka University Founding History

Since its founding, Dhaka University has become known as one of the best Higher Education Institutes of the subcontinent in the field of knowledge and education. His fame spread to knowledge, research and scholarship, and not only in the subcontinent but also in Southeast Asia, Europe and America. Oxford was oriented to its reading-reading and teaching process, because it was called the Oxford of the East.dhaka university

The University of Dhaka was built on the basis of Concept of the oldest and richest Nalanda University of the subcontinent, where students will take education from the halls, take lessons and get the help of teachers along with libraries for knowledge needs. Such was the type of study and knowledge of ancient India. It is to be noted that the fame of Nalanda University of ancient India was spread in the subcontinent, even in Europe and Western countries.

Academic Start Moment

At the time of the establishment of Dhaka University, there were only 12 idhaka universityn the division. First of all, 850 students were admitted in BA, BSc Honors and MA and MSc. Residential Hall was established as Dhaka Hall, Jagannath Hall and Muslim Hall. At that time there was no student. Only 60 people were teachers in all the departments to teach. Arts faculty 28, science 17, and 15 people in law. One of the world’s leading scholars, Mahamahopadhyay Haraprasad Shastri, Ramesh Chandra Majumdar, Satyen Basu, Haridas Bhattacharya, GH Langley, Radha Gobinda Basak, Gyan Chandra Ghosh, BM Sengupta, Ganeshcharan Basu, Rajendra Chandra Hajra, Dr. Muhammad Shahidullah also said.

Beginning Moment of DU

dhaka universityFrom the very beginning, this university has contributed greatly to the educational and research activities of the country, as well as the intellectual practice, political and economic movements of this country. The role of Dhaka University in the field of language movement, establishment of autonomy, anti-tyranny movement, mass movement, great liberation war and freedom struggle was outstanding. It was also proud of its role in sports, social and cultural fields. It still continues. The first university was established on about 600 acres of land in Ramna Civil Station area of ​​Dhaka. At present, the total land area is 275.083 acres. Lasdhaka universityt year, the amount of land was 320.82 acres.The founding vice chancellor was Sir 

PJ Hartog (1920-25). The second Vice-Chancellor was GH Langley (1926-34). The third Vice-Chancellor was the senior educationist of this country, Sir AF Rahman (1934-36). The first Chancellor was Lawrence John Lamale Dandas (1921-22). Then there were George and Bulwer Liton (1923-26). He was also the first convocation speaker of the university. Khan Bahadur Nazir Uddin Ahmed was the first registrar. He was appointed as the first Pro-Vice Chancellor of the University. Mofizullah Kabir (1976-81). At present, Pro-Vice Chancellor posts two- one education, another administration related.

Capacity of DU in Fast Time

At present, the number of faculty 13, division 83, institute 12, research bureau and center 56, residential hall 20 and hostel number 3. Currently, the number of teachers is 1992, the number of students is 37,018. The number of students is 20,773 and the number of students is 12,028. Even the evening classes are going on in different departments and institutes. Students here are studying in different subjects and taking up higher education. Their number was 5,308 last time. Now its number has increased a lot.dhaka university

At present, the administrative officer of the University of Dhaka is 1,030, class 3 employees of 1,137, and 2,250 employees of 4th class. The number of people who have received PhD degrees since the establishment of this school is 1,429; And the number of mfil received 1,377 Currently the number of scholarships and gold medals given by the various donor agencies and the number of scholarships given by those trusts is 327. The number of colleges and institutes affiliated under this university is 116 and their students are 2,15,490 and teachers number 9,169. The number of teachers and students increased by more than the previous year due to the affiliation of 7 colleges of the Dhaka City Government.

Achievement of DU

In the length of 95 years, Dhaka University gave the country many things. Many fame and glory in the country and abroad Has achieved a lot of rare respect. dhaka universityFounded by renowned scholars and researchers at home and abroad. Today, the current and former students of the University of Dhaka are in important positions in various fields, including the administration, judiciary of the country. Apart from this, the students and teachers of this university are spreading internationally. The University of the world’s best honor won the Nobel Prize Professor Dr. Muhammad Yunus Apart from this, the bridegroom of Dhaka University has become famous in political, social and cultural places



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