How To Hard Drive Shredder Completely – Hard Drive Shredder Completely

hard drive shredder completely

How to hard drive shredder completely or hard drive shredder completely. Do you know, the formatting will not actually hard drive shredder completely. Rather, the hard disk drive information format can be easily retrieved. When a drive is formatted, it only removes the old partition and then creates a new partition. The operating system cannot read data for a long time, but the data actually exists.

How To Hard Drive Shredder Completely

So when your old computer or hard disk is used by someone else, then they can get your personal information through the data recovery software.

 So if you need to completely destroy the hard disk’s data for any reason or your old computer or hard disk to sell it to others, it is very important to delete everything completely. So know how to do it.

  • Software (DBAN)

hard drive shredder completelyMany know about Dariq Boot and Nuke or DBAN software. It’s a free tool, which offers the ability to completely erase the hard disk’s data. DBAN is a command line tool that is written to give instructions but it is very easy to use. Its job is to replace all the data on the hard disk into a finite data. Turning into finite data, it destroys old data and it is almost impossible to restore it.

There are several ways to use DBAN, but the ‘Atonook’ approach is the easiest. Antoniuk completed the work in three steps, which results in the destruction of your data.

How To Use DBAN

First download DBN ISO from site, then create Bootable Pen Drive. Now with this DBN Pen Drive, you will need to boot the computer boot (ie, restart the computer, select the bootable drive by pressing the F12 button from the keyboard). Press Enter with the Antoniuk command at the main prompt. DBAN will then automatically start wiping your drive and complete it with three passes, meaning that you overwrite your data completely and completely delete it.

Depending on the size of your hard drive’s memory, it may take several hours for this process to end, so it may be better for you to start this process at night. After this process of three steps is completed, the data on your drive will be completely erased and non-recoverable.

  • Hardware

hard drive shredder completelyIf you have less idea about software and you want to automate the process of deletion of data, it will be very helpful for you, the hard disk erases specific device (hard disk eraser). But these devices are not cheap price, the price is about $ 200. But if the number of your hard disk is high, then this device is very useful. The hard disk deletion device is very easy to use, just by pressing the hard disk in the device, the rest will be completed automatically. It destroys the old data and it is almost impossible to restore it.



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