Inani Beach Cox Bazar – Traveling to Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach

inani beach cox bazar

Inani beach cox bazar or traveling to cox’s bazar sea beach. Here also available inani beach resort, inani beach hotel list, inani beach cox’s bazar hotels, inani beach cox’s bazar bangladesh, inani beach bangladesh, inani beach restaurant, etc inani beach related information we are try to provide. The main attraction of Inani Beach is the coral and stone. Almost every stone is of different sizes and types.

inani beach cox bazar
Bangladesh PM are Traveling in Inani Beach

How old is the stone! And how much memory is mixed! If you go to Inani Beach with the Teknaf Marine Drive, on the way you will see two high hills and high waves of sea waves. Not only will the eye be added, but the whole time you will be one of the decisive! On the other side, the sea on one side is the sea. Which one do you see? The mind wants to see the two sides.

Inani Beach Cox Bazaar Traveling Guide

In the afternoon, if you do not want to go to the sea or if you do not have such plan, then you can go to Inani beach. The great sea will be seen in front of you by the cool sea. Enjoy the sunset and you can return.

inani beach cox bazar
Inani Beach Sunset Moment

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In the afternoon the tide is generally less than the other times that the crowd of people is slightly less crowded. Where the sea is speaking in its own language, it is desirable to keep the racket of the people somewhat less!

inani beach cox bazar
Inani Beach Father & Son Movement Sunset

Return on the way back to Himchari Inani Beach. Or, if there is time in hand, go ahead before dawn in Himchari. See the sunset from the peak of 300 feet high and see the eyes one more time.As you rise above, you will start seeing a huge mountain forest and open sea.

inani beach cox bazar
Inani Beach Cox Bazar Open Sea

After reaching the peak, your bored eyes will touch Zhao forest. Go to the bottom of the sea.

inani beach cox bazar
Inani Beach Water Boat Ramble

The extent of how much of the sea was caught by the sight of his eyes! Another attraction of Himchari is Jharna. Its beauty, but not least.

inani beach cox bazar
Inani Beach Water Boat Game

How to Go Inani Beach Cox Bazaar

If you want to go Inani Beach, you need to go to Cox’s Bazar first. Cox’s Bazar is going from everywhere. But if you want to go from Dhaka (Capital of Bangladesh) you can catch bus from Motijhill, Gabtali, Shyamoli, Fakirapul, Sayedabad. After a while, the buses of different companies left for Cox’s Bazar. Besides, you can take the train to Chittagong by bus to Cox’s Bazar. You can go to Cox’s Bazar on the direct Air. From here there are auto-rickshaws, CNG auto rickshaws or hired cars and are able to see the good things of the sea.

inani beach cox bazar
Inani Beach Hotel Service

But it’s okay to be late? Start Now Plan How many days do you get rid of the workload and get out of the sea shore?


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