iPhone 7 problem & Question Solution – iPhone 7 Explosion Video

iPhone 7 explosion

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So a huge price. His status on the iPhone means. But the phone is, or has become, because of the danger. After another few days before the explosion of the battery Samsung Galaxy Note was a complaint against 7. But the list of names 7 and the iPhone. Recently, a video of iPhone 7 explosion was viral on social media. As a result, iPhone users are quite scared.

Were reported, the incident occurred in the United States. The month of January, a woman named Briyana Alibhasa buy this iPhone 7. It was not on the phone for quite a while. Then the phone went to a local Apple Store. Apple Store employees at the phone repair and proceed to customer.

Alibhash the next day woke up and saw smoke coming out from the phone. Soon after the video was posted the video on social media Alibhash.

Apple was contacted after the incident with him. Why, he has been given assurances that the matter would be investigated.

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