Who is Best ? Jacqueline Mithila Vs Airin Sultana

Jacqueline Mithila Vs Airin Sultana

Jacqueline Mithila Vs Airin Sultana

Jacqueline Mithila Vs Airin Sultana this compare based on modeling style and body looking. Jacqueline Mithila and Airin Sultana both are new face in Bangladeshi media but Airin Sultana already get success another site Mithila try to catch market. They have attractive looking and hip-hop body structure, young generation want this type of model.  

About Mithila and Airin :

Jacqueline Mithila was born in Chittagong,Bangladesh.she study in Dhaka and try to involve media. She have huge online fan and customer.Jacqueline Mithila

Airin Sultana was born in jessore,Bangladesh.She study in Dhaka and try to participate different type of photo-shoot.Airin Sultana

Career :

Jacqueline Mithila 2014 start modeling career and present now try to get popularity any way.

 Airin Sultana 2008 start modeling and present now,she was a success actress at this time.

Age :

Jacqueline Mithila Age 27 years old

Airin Sultana Age 29 years old

Income :

Jacqueline Mithila at this time not sign in new movie and drama but she have huge internet popularity and recently get some offered.

Airin Sultana successfully complete 2 movie and recently sign in 6 movie, at this time she was get huge profit.

Hair Color :

Airin Sultana always take straight and black hair but sometime change hair style only for modeling.

Jacqueline Mithila natural hair style is straight and black but she alwys try to change style as like use different type of color and another this.

Popularity :

Airin Sultana have huge market popularity and market customer.

Jacqueline Mithila have no enough market popularity and customer but she have some young and pretty customer.

Present Position :

Jacqueline Mithila have no real postion at this time but she always try to join any type of activety

Airin Sultana have bright future and acting career as like movie,Drama etc.


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