Lionel Messi is Another 4 Years In Barcelona Club

lionel messi

Barcelona can now focus on other chances of slowing down.Lionel Messi or leo messi, messi news, l messi, messi football, messi lionel, etc. The most sought-after contract was that it became the Catalan club. Lionel Messi, who has been hanging for a long time, has finally seen the light of the issue of renewal. Barcelona confirmed on their website yesterday that the 30-year-old Argentine forward for renewing the contract with the club until 2021. However, after 2021, there is a chance to increase the contract for another year.

After the departure of Luis Enrique, Doug-oute has got a new coach at the Barça-Arnesto Valvarde. He wants to bring some new footballers to Rybayba, Central Midfield, Right Wing, to bring some new footballers to the club. But after everything else, Messi is in the center of all the plans. His agreements were on top of Barasara’s to-do list. The end of the season was about to conclude his current contract. Messi rejected the first proposal of renewal from Barça last May or Messi. Finally, the deal was made.lionel messi

Barça is happy to be able to keep the best player in the club history, even football history, for four more years. In a statement yesterday, Barcelona wrote, “Club happy happy to renew Messi’s contract. He is the best player in history, he has played all his career in Barca. The club has also led the club in a unique success-never seen before in world football.

According to the rumor, Messi’s salary will be £ 5 million a week, in the previous contract, which was 3 million 65 thousand pounds a week. Increased ‘release clause’ too Messi did not accept Barcelona’s objections in the previous contract, the cost of the club was 250 million euros, the new agreement increased the number of more than 50 million.

However, it is still a matter of fact only verbal. Messi is already married in Antigua and Barbuda. Under the new coach, the pre-season preparation of Barca will begin on July 12. Sky Sports, BBC.

One way

New agreement

Weekly pay

5 million 22 million taka

Release clause

2,750 crore taka

Previous agreement

Weekly pay

3 million 81 lakh taka

Release clause

2,290 million


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