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maps google

The maps google or google earth, google maps directions, google mapa, google earth map, google maps, driving directions, google maps app, google maps get directions, g maps, directions google maps, etc all are same and it’s have so many important features that can be make easy to walking on any type of path. to download google map and all google map service Map Download 

Google Map means just an app on the road! Not at all, Google map also have some more service.

Maps Google not just showing the road, there are several features, which are usually not used by anyone. Although they work quite well.Take a look at these features.That’s why we are provide in here.

Get More Help From Maps Google

  1. Map Can Also Be Seen From Offline

While the Internet is in the connection, keep the necessary map ‘Save’ and save it. After that the map can be seen even offline.

  1. Find ATMs, Hotels or Cafes

Going to the search bar, clicking ‘More’ will open the list at ATM, Hotel, Cafe or Pub.

  1. Traffic Situation Solution

This option is well understood on the desktop. Clicking on ‘Real Time Traffic’ will show three parallel lines, where there is a drop-down menu. Go to ‘Traffic’ option and select ‘Traffic traffic’ from ‘Live Traffic’. After that, any time of the week you want to know the timing of the news, all the information will be known.

  1. Keep The Preferred Place ‘Pin’

Place the ‘Dropped Pin’ to save the map of any place. If you ever go to that place, you can find places to go to ‘Your Place’.

  1. Send Directions From Desktop Or Laptop To Your Mobile

This can be done by opening the desktop or laptop and mobile phone with the same account. Click on the ‘Send to Device’ option on the desktop and keep it open ‘From the From Desktop Maps’ option. Get mobile notifications, send something from the desktop.


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