Muslims Innovative Apps – Google Offers Innovative Apps For Muslims

muslims innovative apps

Now Google’s Apps will be tell you where to move face for Pray. muslims innovative apps or google offers innovative apps for muslims The name of this new app of Google is ‘Qibla Finder’.

The most sacred mosque of Muslims is ‘Kaba’ in Saudi Arabia. The Muslims are praying in front of this Kaaba mosque, on the other side. This aspect is called ‘qibla’ or ‘qibale’.

Already there are several Google apps to determine the direction of the qibla. But this new app is known to be more easily diagnosed. Besides, this app can be used directly from web browser. This is the launch of this app for Muslims around the world on Monday.

Google Product Marketing Manager Najeeb Jorra said, “For the past, the apparatus were able to track the direction of the qibla through many steps. But this new app will show at once what is the proper direction of qibla. “The launch of the app is being launched this month for Ramadan. But the ‘qibla finder’ can be used even after the end of Ramadan.

This tool can be used on both desktop computers and mobile devices. You have to give your device device access to ‘’. Then the phone will have to go with it, until the ‘Kaba’ emoji is seen on the mobile screen. Once the exact location is determined, a blue light will appear on the mobile screen.

There you will be told that the ‘Kaaba’ mosque and how far away from the user’s place is ‘Kaba’.

Although this app can be used on Android phones, IOS can not be used on the system.


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