The New Facebook VR App Launch

facebook vr app

Virtual reality and reality statemented insists Facebook platform to create more content via facebook vr app, google cardboard, gear vr, cardboard, vr box, vr apps, vr player, Samsung gear vr headset recently the company has announced a new application. The Facebook app called 360. Facebook is the world’s first virtual reality applications.facebook vr app

According to akulasa Facebook store app will be one-stop shops. Facebook friends are or who follow them, so that nothing is missed, he will arrange app. 360 photos and videos stored in the app to view and enjoy.

The app will work in 360-degree video and pictures showing gear VR. The content of the user’s timeline 360 User Content that you should save it for later, or even create your own, and with all the app can be used. From the menu bar, the user can determine whether the four categories. In addition, the video and pictures can be shared.

Last year, during the inauguration of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Smartphone appeared before S7 VR gear with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said, “This year, millions of people will be in the hands of the VR gear.” Zuckerberg the Facebook apps, some 360 ​​VR and VR gear watch videos. Now Facebook has its own app

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