New LUKE appeared to surprise the Google Maps

Google Maps

Google Maps Navigation is not yet there is no alternative. As a result, Google navigation to more sophisticated smart phones and frames needed to akarsanira. Now that Google has in hand Was waiting. Finally brought himself to the new look, Google Map. Look and Feel of the navigation is straightforward, and this version has been trying to tincture. Mekaobhara images from different kinds of visual tools available to assist the new avatars of Google Maps.Google Maps

In fact, this version of Google was fairly clear map-navigation and map highlighting the user’s point of spending crowded. This version has been canceled everything unnecessary. One became so attractive to the Google Map for showing clear road-ghat road crossings and traffic information from a variety of factors such as the malfunction has been. Before Google Maps was not the same color. I have kept the color palette. Here is a Google map to mark the location of the colors you can use. The text can be read easily on a Google map for reform, he has been thinking about the user.


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