New Release Movie List & Date – Eid-Ul Azah Movie List

New Release Movie

New release movie on Eid-ul fetor taste still continues. If you still see the images of the crowd audience. However, manufacturers and starring go up to the feast, but do not get stuck. In the meantime, they are busy with Eid-ul-Azha picture. How many pictures will be released this Friday, confirmed the account of the difficult now. However, the talks have already started with a few pictures. The talks are now at the front, “Bossgiri ‘and’ blood ‘. In addition, ‘Shooter’ and ‘One Way’, to celebrate the release of pictures of the two manufacturers still sure to hear, but did not say anything.New Release Movie

Blood film Pori mani Eskay Movies in India and Bangladesh under the banner of Jazz Multimedia made ‘blood’ last film was about 80 percent. At the end of the film is shooting in Kolkata. After shooting the film censor board examination must be passed. However, to ensure that everything is done within the stipulated time, “blood” film director Dr Ali. He said, “There is shooting, and the rest of the day. Hopefully we can get clearance from the image sensor before Eid. We have the confidence. “

New Release Movie

The same applies to the “Bossgiri the film also. Photo editing work in progress, as well as the last phase of the shooters. Some of the lyrics in the coming months to finish the scene of the shooting, said Shamim Ahmed. “We have started working on the film with the aim of Eid-ul-ajaha release. Hopefully, the sensor will be able to exempt from release if idei. “Bossgiri”Shakib Khan will be seen opposite newcomer Bubly. On the other hand, ‘blood’ Pari moni film opposite actor Roshan new hero.


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