The New Technology 2018 – Quantum Computer’s Real Technology

new technology 2018

The new technology 2018 or quantum computer’s real technology. We are also provided computer security, quantum supercomputer, technology news, latest technology, tech, new technology, etc. information.

new technology 2018

Those who have seen science-based films, they must have heard of computers, which are much faster than modern computers and smaller in size. This type of computer is very fast, known as a quantum computer. Among the long years of long researches, this year has become the reality, this type of computer is one of the few. Basically, this type of the computer is being invented to increase the efficiency of computer size. Generic computer processors are made up of billions of transistors. However, the size of the processor has to be reduced in order to reduce the size and the amount of transistor is being increased. As a result, the size of this transistor will be equal to the atoms. Meanwhile, transistors work in binary mode.

That means 0 and 1 of any work signal sent to the computer. And each zero or one is considered a bit. Now if the transistor shape is equal to atom, then this bit signal will be very difficult to send there. So instead of bits on quantum computers, use Quantum bit or queue bit in the transistor. Basically, this Quantum Beat has been invented using the Quantum theory of physics. Quantum bits used on quantum computers can save more than one bit at the same time. This year, top organizations such as IBM, Google, Microsoft, and Intel have been able to develop Quantum Computer Framework. It is expected that in the next four to five years, the quantum computer will get the mantra.