Now Your Child is Safe to Anywhere

Child is Safe

Now your child is safe to anywhere, Both husband and wife working in different place. Others are required to leave a child custody. Do not worry about it at the office end. Some of the child was not it? To worry about the end of the day. Smartphone will tell obviously, every moment of the child’s movements.

Phoenix S  watch
Child is Safe

Dasyi little house to keep an eye on the digital clock in charge of matching pair. As digital watch, with the Smartphone’s ‘Sync’ will not watch. Where was your child last week, entered the app will be able to know. Also includes remote monitoring. Watch the device from phone to phone. Risibhda will automatically call the phone immediately. Know your child will not be able to hear every conversation taking. Aphaera switch on the device, but, in truth it is useless. The device can be turned off from the mobile app. There are also voice chat. You can talk to the device at any moment. In fact, the watch device is made in China, but the city is responsible for the marketing of “Phoenix Tech corp. Arnab Das, owner of the company was saying, ‘the big advantage, watch your child cut off from the notifications that you can learn. Not only children, people of any age can use the watch. Especially the elderly. ” Online ‘Amazon’, in addition to the company’s website (Gift Your Child Safety) is also available on the clock. The price is fairly close to three and a half thousand. The device is oyaryantio six months ‘Phoenix’. Watch the SOS switch on the device. If you have five seconds by pressing the switch on your phone calls will go away. SOS number three, the total number of devices that can be saved. Until you receive a call, the call will continue the three constantly.

Life 360

Child is Safe

Where are all the family, knowing that the most popular of these apps. Life 360ra advantage payentinyera map app Step into the house where they are, it will be able to know. If your child’s school or college study, Save the Postal app. School or college when she was a child obviously will be notified via notifications. The whole thing works on GPS technology. But the condition is, your child must have a Smartphone app Life360. This technology will only work.

Pocket Finder

Child is Safe

The device, the size of the facility. The device is so small that it can be kept in his trouser pocket. Android and iOS, Pocket Finder duksetre work. Rules, to the child, and the device will be “in sync” will be inserted in your Smartphone. Step into the app from where he is at this moment, all the information you’ll be getting hands. This is not the end, you ‘kastamaijda tryakimo this app can do. Where a specific time for your child, obviously you will be notified via notifications.

Secure E-Zoom

Child is Safe

It’s actually a small device. Connect with Smartphone’s, which will be online. If you want to run surveillance on the movements of the child? Do not worry. Child invisibly insert the device in his bag. Or, is he using bikes or cars where I affixed the device. Congrats! Where he will be able to see its position in the Smartphone paradaya payentinyera maps. This is not the end, the app can create a safe zone. The children will not know about it. When you create a virtual safe zone will come out of that notification.


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