Ollo Internet Package

Ollo Internet Package

Ollo Internet Package  

If your volume expires before validity, you can still get connected to the network with reduced speed of 64 kbps, till validity period. To avail this benefit, you need to top-up within 5-days after validity expiration of your current plan.


PlanPackage TitleUsage Limit Submission FeeValidity
Weekly Package
Starter0.5 GB99 tk7 Days
Weekly Package
Starter1 GB200 tk7 Days
Weekly Package
Starter3 GB400 tk7 Days
Monthly PackageRusher2.5 GB350 tk30 Days
Monthly PackageRusher3.5 GB500 tk30 Days
Monthly PackageRusher12 GB1350 tk30 Days
Monthly Mega PackageRuler512 Kbps Speed (Standard) 1500 tk1 Month
Monthly Mega PackageRuler1 Mbps Speed (Super)2500 tk1 Month
Monthly Mega PackageRuler2 Mbps Speed (Supreme)4800 tk1 Month


Starter Plans can be suitable for those users who are not a heavy internet user, use internet only for browsing net & checking mails on a casual basis. They can experience amazing high speed with their desire plans. And still can be connected after volume expired with 64 kbps speed. (Conditions apply**)

Rusher Plans are designed for those users who use internet on a regular basis like – surfing, downloading, video chatting for the whole month. And still they can be connected with 64 kbps speed after volume expired. (Conditions apply**)

Ollo introduces a brand new Monthly Mega Packages called “Ruler”.

Ruler plans can be suitable for those users who are a heavy internet users mainly use for downloading video/movie, uploading, video chatting, browsing etc. With Monthly volumes they will experience good quality of high speed.

Offer is valid till further notice.

All costs are VAT inclusive.

Disclaimer: Service speeds, if listed, are on a best effort basis. Factors such as coverage, location, building interference, distance from the towers and a number of parallel users may affect service speeds & performance


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