Pokemon GO Game Broke all records in Game world

Pokemon GO

Temple Run, Angry Birds, Clash of clan the Handy crash or broken records as the popular Pokemon go games. Android and iOS operating systems to open on July 6, after three days and a half to 5 percent of the US Android smartphone game has been installed. Not being able to install played in round 3 percent. Those who have installed their game playing 43 minutes per day, 60 per cent. The popularity of the game Pokemon Go to the web similar information available about the little things.

Video game maker Nintendo and The Pokemon Company niyanatika institutions with software developers GO Publisher Pokemon can play the game free of charge from most of the world countries. European markets opened in the United States on July 6, but the game was published at different times. Germany, July 13; July 14 in the UK; Spain, Portugal and Italy on July 15 and July 16, came to the market in the rest of the world. Several changes in the UK market after market applications. However, a large part of Gamers from around the world are using VPN or change your phone’s App Store has been downloaded from the App Store in the UK.Saw the success of the company economically game. To open market of $ 900 million within five days ninatendora prices have increased.

Started Two Decades Ago

Before you go to learn about Pokemon games Pokemon what you need to know. Since the nineties of the last century, the conventional concept of pokemon. Virtual kind of Pokemon creatures. Other Pokemon to catch the train to work or take part in battles with other users pokemon is used. Each Pokemon character is something different superpower, which is to defeat the enemy. Each character has become very popular with users ekekajanera to taste the difference. However, the most popular character pikacu. The existence of the first pokemon game console video game makers nine tendon match. Then both the card, cartoon pictures, movies, and comic book gained popularity. And now hand you learn watching pokemon, Pokemon game GO. 0 Pokemon character in the last 700 years has been found, there has been added to the 151 character in this game. Some of these characters are limited to certain areas. With the new changes in the country or the city can be found in Pokemon.

How to Play

Different areas will be around and a good strategy is to walk and walk slowly, sometimes after waiting five minutes to create an area that is new Pokemon. It is quite important skill to catch Pokémon, a new pokebala pokemon and then turn on the first throw is to kill. However, some are very powerful Pokemon. It is difficult to catch them, so they are less likely to escape breaking ball. In the fight with them, or something to eat before the domestication of the adjustments can be acquired. Which pokemon more powerful, it is possible to know from the color, such as yellow than green pokemon more powerful Pokemon, respectively, then orange, red like this. The game pokemon found two eggs to a boil may walk up to five kilometers gemarake.

Pokejema very important game to play. Pokémon facilities for the purchase of a variety of rare species can be the cost of the Gem. 14 thousand 500 are priced at £ 80 for pokejemera, facilities for the purchase of a game high. However, there is nothing to be disappointed, Gem slowly through the game for a long time can be collected. If you have more than one of the same type Pokémon, but they can be achieved without having to sell Gem. The negative is that it’s all about the game from the phone’s battery quickly come to an end, so if you play the game to get the bank (extra battery) to consult with the Gamers.

Game Debated

Pokemon can be caught while playing the game in their respective areas. Google maps are associated with your surroundings in this game is to find the hidden Pokemon. That is, there is a map to find out where the Pokemon and went to retrieve it before anyone else to embrace. This is understandable, there is no substitute for playing the game a lot of walking. As a result of the harmful aspects of the show before the doctors were not allowed to play more games, there is the opposite advice to those who go to play Pokemon. He is the time for everyone in the office or at school, road, bus, river, forest-playing game like Pokemon go into the wild Pokemon to catch up to these obstacles is warm enough. A group of miscreants has been mapped out from a remote region of the Pokemon, the US came to find anyone to snatch mobile phones and money were found in precedents, and very interested in the game while playing on the bridge already died from the fall has been so far.

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