Ronaldo Get Euro 2016 Gift

Portugal Euro 2016

Ronaldo get euro 2016 gift for mind blowing performance 24 minutes of the match Cristiano Ronaldo left the field with tears in the eyes, her tears with the end of the match there any similarities? Spanish Crown Prince wept tears of happiness than ever? It does not cry, but the eyes outrun the feeling of happiness. Today, the only goals in extra time in St. denise France won the Portugal lost the Euro. Ghuceche regretted the country’s first international title, Ronaldo was not a sigh of international titles. Came the golden opportunity for him to write the history of the game. Portugal Cristiano Ronaldo looked payei of the dream. Portugal’s history built right. However, it was Ronaldo spectator. Portugal is in the final 4 minutes to leave the field injured captain. Ronaldo, but the euro ‘gifts’ given to Portugal.Euro gift. After 90 minutes, despite the goals set by the first half of extra time saw the match, the match seemed to be decided the fate of plenty.
This time euro scene. France had the ball in front of the box a little. A little place in the yard of shots that had almost 0, the France goalkeeper Hugo larisake stall and went into the net. Make sure the history of Portugal.But the darkness is not without luck seemed to Portugal! 8 minutes of the match to fight the invasion of France and Dmitry ball hit in the leg with the injured Ronaldo. If thirsty fall. Maybe he realized he could not go on. But if the desire for an international title came back in the field of nursing. Skacatepa legs fitted. After 4 minutes of the attack, but fled to join, and could not continue. Leave the field on a stretcher.
It seemed then, as well as Portugal, one of the most tragic stories will be phutabalerai Ronaldo leaving the scene of the field. But football is not cruel enough lawn to another, to Portugal. Could not stay in the field, but it was the final stage.Ronaldo Get Euro 2016 GiftHowever, the whole time was the second-best team in Portugal. Portugal had a chance to take the lead in the beginning of the grandmother, could not apply. Then, one after another, speaking in the first minute of the 15-20 attack had frustrated the Portuguese Grija Mana-Siso. Dapatatake could not beat the view. Grijamanai had the golden opportunity, but the French forward, 10 minutes away on the great time had barely hedatake Portugal goalkeeper Rui pyatrisio. After 24 minutes, then got up from the field Ronaldo surprisingly reduces the speed of the game in France. However, this can be explained, instead of mourning the lost, the captain of the Portuguese team, which has jumped more coyalabaddha. Other side football, Ronaldo instead karesama 4-1-4-1 formation at the shift goes back to Portugal. More than ever as a midfield consisting of sisoko-pagabadera with the French midfield, but the fight was scored Portugal.The second story is a little different. France has been dominant in the half, but both teams have a chance. Grijamana had the great opportunity of the match. But only 6 yards from the net hedatake Atletico Madrid forward was unable to get involved. As jiruo was, until quite recently had an opportunity to leave the field 78 minutes jiru. His shot from a difficult angle but somewhat locked in on one side of the net. Sisokora be great to play in the match, Portugal goalkeeper to stave off satao.France goalkeeper did not have a way to stay idle lariserao. Portugal counter-attack strategy that has been fought in the eyes. Cross-grandmother was nearly 80 minutes after entering the post, but Loris was prevented. Two minutes later to take our grandmother great shot from outside the box goes over the bar a little.

The goal is not to end the game 90 minutes. Portugal took place at the box just 90 miniterai was shot down as a substitute for the French striker Andre Pierre jiniyaka. Portugal defender but his shot hit the post and goal kipper stall. The final 90 minutes were goalless for the first time in the history of the euro. 107 minutes partugalerao golabara stands. Rafael gureirora from outside the box a little while, but it takes a free kick evaded French raksanake bar. But fortune smiled at the Portugal right after a couple of minutes. Edarera feet.Maybe if Ronaldo’s goal on manat. But for another adventure in football today, Ronaldo had written a madrigal. Although this match was not played very well in the Portugal captain! Every team-mates on the field before the start of extra time, and motivation has embraced. Portugal after scoring a goal in the face ‘kocai went wild, Doug continued to direct his teammates stand-outs.As captain of the team from the field to the final, Ronaldo has provided inspiration. The biggest thing, to wrap up the match Portugal coach Fernando Santos has inspired the players are saying, ‘Come on, Ronaldo won the trophy! “Portugal won, Ronaldo led the celebration. Who’s to say, he was not final. Portugal’s football alone for so long, maybe after dragging Ronaldo have deserved this gift.


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