Top 6 Smartphone Problem – Smartphone Problems and Solutions

smartphone problems solution

Top 6 smartphone problem or smartphone problems and solutions smartphone security, cell phone repair, In this digital era, almost all types of phones are used. That phone is android and iPhone or windows phone. again, whatever the cheap or good the phone can be the problem of the phone. The common solution to such problems is to be here.

Phone Screen and Touch

smartphone problems solutionIt is often seen that the Smartphone is kept in a pocket with a key or with another mobile. This results in pressure on the screen. It can damage the screen as well as damage to the screen. So it’s a good idea to not have a Smartphone with any battery.

Over Chargesmartphone problems solution

Over Charging iPhone (Integrated Circuits) may be lost. Do not open the smartphone from the charging charge repeatedly. Should be charged continuously. Carefully put the pin without charging more pressure points. Do not use cheap charger in the market.

Hanging UP

smartphone problems solutionMany times the Smartphone hangs. That means nothing does not work suddenly. If there is more pressure in memory, it may be possible if more applications are dropped. That’s why the Smartphone should be used to keep a little of the storage space. Remove apps that are unnecessary or less used.


While charging, the phone should not run Wi-Fi. It reduces the life expectancy of the battery and causes swelling. Cannot get Wi-Fi connection due to fall from the hands or sweat.


Due to the accumulation of dust in the microphone, there may be problems of sound. For this, it must be kept carefully.

Smartphone Heating Under App Pressure smartphone problems solution

Using additional apps, photos, videos, the Smartphone becomes faster and more hot. normal work such as talking on the phone, sending sms or listening to music is not too hot. When a lot of work is done together or something bigger, there is a lot of pressure on the Smartphone and it gets more hot.

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